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  5. Acacia

    New Easter Egg on PS2 version only! (#11)

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  7. jenny23

    Whats up with save games ?

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  8. jenny23

    Save game location

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  9. Scott.

    Alive Check

    Checking in as alive! Nice to see some names I remember haha
  10. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    this issue was fixed by changing settings in the limit adjuster
  11. VersedFlame

    Textures loading slowly, then dissappearing

    I got it on Steam and I got the same problem xd (yay, I'm 6 years late :D)
  12. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    Ok the airtrain has been replaced with another model that works properly, except it has no doors. anyway, with the fixing of one issue comes more. I figured out how to create spawn points for cars using a cleo script, however this has one limitation in that I can't spawn vehicles that have an id outside of a certain range. Apparently this number is 614, anything higher than that the script will ignore. allthough those vehicles can be spawned naturally in traffic by adding them to the cargrp file. I don't know if lower ids will work. But the UFO is 612 and the airtrain is 613, so they can be spawned. Everything else at this point is 186XX.
  13. Strike9

    San andreas deluxe

    It's a pet project of mine to try to expand san andreas in a way that makes it look as if it was intended. First off I started with the basics, I added a bunch of cars. Most of which are derivatives of cars already in the game. Such as a civilian lvpd car, or a romero sedan. Some are vice city models, and LCS or VCS models. Preferably vice city models if I can help it. The rio is also added, but I have never seen it spawn. As well as a Stardust house boat, which I thought was a cool mod and just had to add to the game. Which is also the explanation for why I added a tempo matador, I just liked the mod. Some models are replaced with better ones, such as the shamal and dodo have been replaced with colourable versions. Where the differences weren't enough to justify creating another model. All the added cars share handling with pre-existing car, because of a limitation where I can't figure out how to add custom handling (The game doesn't read any lines added to the file. ) I think I had a mod that allowed this, but the added cars would then be silent. Furthermore some spawn points were added, such as an andromada now spawns in the LV airport, off to the side of the runway, where it fits pretty well, and an added in ufo spawns in area 69 in front of a garage. The ufo shares it's handling with the sparrow, but that is all. You can still find the sparrow in its usual places. All added vehicles have custom gxt entries and sound sets that were thought to be appropriate for them. Future plans: Add more cars, until I quite possibly can't add any more. I think I will run out of space in the car.grp file first, rather than ids. I really want to add more myths, like bigfoot and leatherface, dessert serial killer. which will probably just be aggresive peds that have high health and spawn points in the middle of nowhere. Like bigfoot spawns in the middle of the forrest and wanders around, running from the player if seen. Leatherface spawns with a chainsaw at midnight and trys to kill the player, the dsk spawns in arco del oeste at midnight and tries to kill player with country rifle. Minor map modifications. I don't want to interfer with the storyline in anyway, I still want the game to be playable, just extended. Questions: I got an airtrain added in that crashes the game when entering, does anybody have a mod for this plane that works? It's sharing it's handling with the at-400. It only crashes when trying to enter it it will spawn and sit perfectly without threatening the integrity of the game. Is it possible to add trains? Is it possible to add custom audio without replacing anything pre existing? I think it would be cool if the ufo had custom sound effects, and that's litterally the only thing I want it for at this moment. Although, maybe custom sounds for bigfoot\leatherface\dsk down the road would be interesting too. Is it possible to add custom weapons? Is it possible to add spawn points for custom vehicles\peds by using a cleo script, without editing the game files so I don't have to start a new save every time I do so? Or do I have to do that even with a script?
  14. snapch23

    The Sims 2 and the expansion packs

    We could be now looking for the sims mobile cheats here and it could be great indeed here.
  15. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    Yeah, seemed to have really blown up over the weekend =/ I don't really play on my PS3/4 these days, moved over to Steam now and play mainly on PC. My Steam user is 'Giibz' (screen name PzKfw Tiger I) Think we might have played some GTA 4/5 online way back in the day? Unless I'm getting confused with another Chris on my list lol. I was amazed to see Kokane was still coming on here too, another name from the old days!
  16. Chris

    Alive Check

    That's actually very recent, like the last 2 weeks or so. I don't know... we're on the latest version of IPB, we're using their anti-spam service, but it's useless, the bots still get through. Might disable registrations for a while, seems to be the only way to prevent them getting through. I had to check your username history and profile but yeah I remember. There are plenty of users I didn't talk to much one to one but at least recognise their usernames if they were frequent posters. I noticed a comment on my profile back in 2010 saying that you had added me on PSN. I rarely play PS3/PS4 these days but curious what your username there is? I'm guessing we never played anything together?
  17. GiiBz

    Alive Check

    I've been lurking here on and off for a couple of years now too. Not sure if you even remember me lol... Shame this whole area seems to be totally clogged with spambot posts nowadays though
  18. Mcvea

    TWD showdown with Negan

    I was less than thrilled with the season 8, but I still watched. I'm probably going to watch this show until the bitter end lol. I feel like Season 8 was the worst season out of all of them by far.
  19. Since I was banned on GTAForums. I made a new account on this site.

  20. Chris

    Alive Check

    Well I guess even if just one person likes to come back to the forums from time to time it's reason enough to leave them online for now. I suspect at some point we'll disable new registrations, maybe even disable posting. But I'll always try to keep an archive of the forums here so all the old topics and posts won't be lost. While I've said in the past I'd try to keep TGTAP online for as long as I'm alive, I have occasionally wondered about the long term future, like really long term, and not just about this website but any in a similar position. I mean, can you imagine coming back here in another 10 years? 20 years? What about 50 years? Some of us probably won't even be alive at that point. The internet could and probably will look very different then. Interest in GTA could be dead too and at some point it may not be worth keeping the website online any more. A number of huge GTA fansites have already closed for good in the past couple of years, GTAGaming and GTAWarehouse are two big names no longer operating. GTAGaming was arguably the next biggest site after GTANet, so if they had to shutdown already the future doesn't look too bright for the rest of. I don't think TGTAP will be the next one though, but sadly it's not a favourable trend we're seeing with videogame fansites these days. P.S. if anyone is reading this in the future and needs to contact me for any reason and is unable to do so here, I'm not particularly difficult to find elsewhere on the Internet. I don't publicly give out my email address but my personal website (https://chrisphillips.uk/) links to places where I can be found.
  21. Dmac

    Alive Check

    No , unfortunately. How about yourself? Although dead, the I find the forums fun to look back on. I'm sure I'm not the only one who comes back for a little hit of nostalgia! And that's exactly why I came back. I also wanted to see what everyone else is up to these days. Glad to see you're still alive! I think of TGTAP sometimes, too. A lot of us basically grew up here. Fun times indeed.
  22. BalaSudhan

    GTA 4 Not Launching

    Guys for me GTA 4 was running smoothly for me for months. Yesterday my windows 10 pc requested an update and then I updated. Then I clicked GTA 4 launch app it opened social club as usually and I clicked (skip login/play offline/ok/ok) then a CMD pop out will come right? And the game will start but now the CMD poputs and closes in an second and the games is not launching. I also reinstalled the game but it is happening again plz guys help me. But other apps are working smoothly. My GTA 4 CD/DVD is legit, no crack. I think that there is a problem with the SecuRom launcher. My pc specs Windows 10 Pro N Processor - Intel(R) Pentium (R) CPU G2020 @ 2.90GHZ. 2.90GHZ 6 GB DDR3 RAM 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor 1 TB HDD Graphics card - Zotac GT 710 DDR3 2GB DirectX Version - DirectX 12 Plz help guys
  23. Redeemer

    Hot Coffee Mod + Present Save Game

    Friends check out and download all Saved games you need in Hot Coffee, because I banged every especially my favorite ones MORE. Download all files https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1qmQt2zES8BKFGAxmQNk-yA4Goms42Fxe
  24. Spider-Vice

    Alive Check

    Let me check.. can confirm, am alive. Also, I'm not Dmac but now that I'm here... I think of this place from time to time, I saw your account on Twitter again and decided to drop by to see what was what.
  25. Chris

    Alive Check

    I don't do anything with the website any more but don't wish to take it down or anything, so it will remain online for the foreseeable future. As for the forums, I've thought about turning them offline as it's clear to see there is barely any activity whatsoever these days. In fact I think aside from GTAForums, pretty much every fansite forum is dead now. Everyone moved to social media. But as with the website, I will probably leave them open for the time being, if any members want to reconnect with one another then they can do so. Out of curiosity, what brought you back here Dmac?
  26. @BarkyBoogz as long as you throw in the spyro 2 idol springs theme

  27. Yes y’all the word of the day has been “esspissiveass”. Adj. to be expensive af

  28. RT @Raeequaza: me jailbreaking my ipod touch in 2009 so i could make my apps look like a vending machine https://t.co/TXaztZ8n3X

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