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  5. alanabui

    gta steam save

    I think your article mentioned a certain aspect of the problem. I think it has a lot more to study than that. hotmail entrar
  6. minianna1234567

    gta steam save

    Please treat each other well. Everybody has difficulties that we have to overcome, do not know later but how to live each day happily. super fighters 2
  7. arianapham

    gta steam save

    Please try checking the server, hoping it will be saved there madalin stunt cars 2
  8. phamyen

    gta steam save

    Thank you very much for sharing this very useful information, fnaf world
  9. lamarblair

    Textures loading slowly, then dissappearing

    never mind i got it but thanks anyway run 3
  10. lindarose11

    gta steam save

    The article you have shared here very awesome fnaf sister location
  11. alicetaylor

    gta steam save

    Thank you for your post, I look for such article along time, today i find it finally. this post give me lots of advise it is very useful for me mutilate a doll 2
  12. lamarblair

    GTA 4 Not Launching

    please update me as soon as this problem get's fixed or if you can find a solution. happy wheels
  13. arthurdiaz

    New horror machinima!

    this video litterally scared me lol goodjob! google street view
  14. arthurdiaz

    Texas Motor Speedway map mod not loading

    Same problem bro. Isnt theres someone who could help. It worked fine with crazy trainer earlier:(( soundcloud to mp3
  15. I downgraded my GTA SA and then installed SA Directx 2.0, When ever I see a cut scene or go inside it looks like this and because of it I cant load any saves
  16. Hello everyone! I'm a music producer and beatmaker from Italy, named Lester Nowhere, and I made this album, titled "High Stakes, Low Ryder" co-produced with my colleague o k h o, releasing today via the label Radio Juicy. It's an unique project (20 tracks, 15 mins!) of short and fresh hip-hop/trap beats, on which raps the promising UK rapper Lordapex. With this project all the three of us are trying to break grounds of the hip-hop beat and rap scene, both in track duration and style, just as the GTA series shook the videogame world, and we're paying homage to one of the best games of our younger days. We tried to recreate the crazy San Andreas atmospheres and vibe in the instrumentals, and Lordapex raps from CJ's point of view, so it's a total immersion and a jump back in time! I really hope that the whole thing can interest and entertain you all, and bring you back to the old days. To conclude: you all better catch this damn album, CJ's! Spotify: SoundCloud: Bandcamp: https://radiojuicy.bandcamp.com/album/high-stakes-low-ryder Thanks a lot in advance!
  17. MrGatVision

    Post your gaming screenshots

  18. Spider-Vice

    Alive Check

    I did not expect to see these names in this random ass time I decided to log back in. Hi! I can't believe I still have my old sig, God dang.
  19. spiritaway18

    Post your gaming screenshots

    Basically, post whatever screenshots you've taken in a game and show them. Any game and any platform goes, just as long as it has something to do with gaming It could be some weird glitch, something you find beautiful/pretty or something completely different I'll get the thread going
  20. spiritaway18

    Favourite Song

  21. Sherm

    Alive Check

    Well I suppose since everyone else is posting.. :P I'm still around. Sort of. I haven't logged in for a while. Feels like years.
  22. spiritaway18

    Super Mario Maker 2

    Super Mario Maker 2 is coming. Now with slopes, Fwoosh's, moving blocks, Super Mario 3D World skin, clear pipes, cat suits, and more environments! The game launched June 2019.
  23. Silbestre Soto

    Grove St Families: Bloods or Crips

    I guess the Gsf belongs to Crips & Ballas belongs to Bloods. I guess that Gsf belongs to Crips & Ballas belongs to Bloods
  24. Jimmy-526

    Alive Check

    I still check this place time and again to see what's what. It's a shame that GTAG and GTAWh are not longer in service. GTAForums is the most active forum these days. It's been 8 years already for me on this website. Time passes really quick I guess. Complete High School, College, Uni and finally settled down with a job these days.
  25. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. The app is back on the Play Store now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tgtap.gtacheats
  26. I remember this place

  27. Acabo de revisar en mi Play Store y Esta aplicación definitivamente no está en la Play Store.
  28. Chris

    Alive Check

    As I've said numerous times in the past I have no intention of ever taking the site down. The forums have had new registrations disabled for a while now (although I believe signups via Facebook are still possible) for a couple of reasons; 1. to reduce botspam and 2. because the forums are essentially dead we're unlikely to get many new people around here for any legitimate reasons.
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