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    im 38...have played video games since they were invented and am a very good player...but after 2 months of frusteration i have returned my copy of episodes from liberty city..shame too it was fun until i had to fly a helicopter in the sexy time mission....with no training in game no instructions and the worst control setup imaginable (and yes i tweaked and changed buttons and camera views) and after (i counted ) 127 attempts and making no progress i have had it....why place so difficult a mission first?it was bad ewnough the yacht was seemingly made out of adamantium but to chase 3 tiny boats hovering an inch above the water wihout crashing in an unflyable machineis CRAP...LAME rock star BOOOOOO....im sure it seemed easy after months of testing but to go to the apartment steal the boat shoot hte boat then the little boats and have to redo that entire sequence is piss poor at best BOOOOO rock star...and read around the net im not the only one with this complaint its VERY prominent everyone thinks it sucks so pay attention BOOOOOO...what a lame let down i recommend avoiding this piece of crap at all costs BOOOO gmm
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    All stealing is definitely wrong, reagrdless of your hunger. Having said that, in Alladin he steals frequently and yet you still enjoy the film. I don't know what my point was.
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