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  1. i'm stuck on demolition man & dildo dodo and i hate both of em so much.. so no thx i'm not even gonna try.. demarest's time vault is the only cheat mod that i knew that can skip missions.. in my case.. damn u F**@#$%& stoopid missions!!.. but the original site it was on http://www.tfads.com/vccode/tools was taken down.. and if i try to download from http://web.archive.org/web/20070509072455/...om/vccode/tools it got stucked on 99.99% and then kaput.. nothing.. so pls pls pretty pls.. anyone with the time vault thingy.. i badly need it!! i do not care about 100% completion or becoming a total cheater.. i just wanna finish the whole damn thing and move on to try other great moddings.. plssssss help me!
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  2. ha ha, i remember demarest from gtaforums, he was a fucking asshole to everyone, he got banned for pissing off the admins i think and since then he seems to have dissapeared completely. dont worry though, because i think i may still have the timevault mod installed on my old pc. i will have a look tomorrow so watch this space...
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