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  1. Hey guys, heres my forum that I opened up about 2 weeks ago...its been moving very slow but its getting there. heres a list of crap that I added: Click Here to go to GTAShack!

    -IBstore (causes spam :lol: )

    -usershops (^^^^^^^^)

    -Mood hack :gappy:

    -Advanced Steal System,

    and a shit load of other stuff!



    I have (my store is very unique :) )


    -Vehicles (planes, cars, helicopters, boats...etc.)

    -Weapons (uh..all of them..)

    -Properties (some properties..increases interest by a certain amount)

    -Malibu Membership (get 60% off shops!)





    -Steal (Gain Defenders, Advanced Steal, Gain Helpers)

    stuff to come!:

    -GTA clothes

    -other membership crap...

    click here to go to GTAShack! And BTW the banner at the top is temporary. I havent had time to work on a good onw... :thumbsup:

  2. I changed my mind I guess...

    WTF is that suppossed to mean, it's too complicated for me?

    ...well you're right because it is :'(

    ...the numbers just go by so fast!

    I kno how ya feel...I get that all the time in math class :gappy:

  3. yeah I wouldn't be calling it gay b/c it has over 500 hp and goes about 175 top speed.I meant warm

    hey [censored] it IS gay...

    Biggy: Again, stop flaming.

    kkeep your gay opinions to yourself! its just the new 2005 mustang...welcome dude :D

  4. sounds like it to me. Theres so much more proof about SA that its like so odveice....I still cant stand some of the kids in my school that say "I saw the commercial for GTA: Las Vegas" and when I go threw the whole thing they still dont believe me so... ;)

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