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  1. You should be able to do that. Save a replay and use the Gta4 video editor adjust the camera angles and what not and render it in 720p.

    No idea how the mods would work though.

    When you say replay, does that mean I need to first "play" the game? Since I'm not really trying to play the game, but rather just use the background visuals, is it possible to delete the other elements (badguys, other vehicles, etc) from the level before running it?


    Well not exactly "Play" play.. you have to stand around/ride your mod etc and save the replay .. which you can edit/change cameras and what not in the replay editor.

    Like I said, setting up the scene will be your biggest issue.. Check out the download section if there are mods or hacks to turn off/on whatever you want. You'll have to get creative with that.

  2. 1. What are all the names of TGTAP groups?

    2. How many of them are joinable, excluding Mods, Admins and banned members?

    For both 1 and 2 - AFAIK We Don't have any atm, We had the Sub Forum Gurus for a bit but looks like that has been scrapped.

    3. What are the code modifications in here?

    What runs TGTAP

    We are often asked what CMS is used to power The GTA Place. It is in fact completely custom written by Chris, this includes all scripts such as the polls, picture of the day, and affiliates.

    Our download database was, up until September 2007, powered by paFileDB. It was replaced with a custom made script written and implemented by Chris, due to massive insecurities with paFileDB, and the fact it lacked much needed community features such as user uploading and managing of files.

    Our forums are powered by Invision Power Board by IPS, Inc. News is posted in a dedicated sub-forum for each game and is displayed on the main website using a custom made script.

    SEO work has been completed by Chris on TGTAP's news, and also partly on it's download database.

    4. What Forum Softwares did TGTAP recently used(all)?


    5. Any notable events?

    Husky using pizzas to masturbate.


  3. Good job Chrissy, Sites looking Finee ^_^

    As for the bugs, Here are the ones I've found so far.

  4. Its not about being stupid, The people are just kept so isolated from anything outside N. Korea that they believe theres no better way of life. Whatever they know about other countries or cultures outside their country is propaganda beaten into them to keep them loyal to the state.

    About the nukes.. I don't think any of them have successfully launched.

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