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Status Updates posted by EvoLuTioN

  1. Oh yeah .. Sweet! :P

  2. Will come on in the evening dude..

  3. O kutta Tried calling 2-3 bar that day. Also fukin busy with my new classes and shit. :/ Still in B'bay?

  4. oh yeah .. sorry dude, Busy with clases and stuff :/ I come on sometimes.

  5. Oi Happy 18th. Do something awesome :)

  6. My people thank you for the compliment, Life seems to be going pretty good for you =)

  7. Oi there ol' chappy.

  8. Need a good bandwagon song.

  9. Haha mines going okayish. Going out with some friends this sunday, Birthdayor something :/

  10. Lol Hey Toxxy,How's it going.

  11. Aww .. She left? :(

  12. Stop you nut jobs!

  13. Criminal scum.

  14. Its probably that asshole Sherbert.

  15. Good job guys you'll frightened her and now shes gone. :(

  16. Do you want me to touch you in you special place now?

  17. Haha someone has the hots for gba :P

  18. Haha I thought you'd check it out. <3

  19. Hehe sorry dude .. was watching some Tv

  20. Oi .. Sorry bud, Signed off I guess when you left me that comment.

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