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  1. Heh, Awsome vid ey homeboi

  2. Yeah I've been pretending to be an Aussie/British lately so yeah ... . How are you doing.

  3. Haha.. Nothing like that dude, Was on Tf2 I can't minimize to reply etc. 10-14mins ke liye bahar aata hun toh yaha pe aa jata hun. I'll come in sometime :)

  4. Happy B'day missy, Guess I'm a bit late, hope you enjoyed it :)

  5. Oh you Notty boi you!!

  6. ello sire, just poping by ...

  7. Happy birthday boy, enjoy :)

  8. Happy birthday boi!

  9. Happy B'day good sir

  10. Haha I was on yahoo dude.. i dont see you much on there nowadays :S

  11. Yeah.. I usually keep the size on 500*200/300 and then reduce to size to whatever fits best, So I can get more detail etc in there. Not a fan of really big sigs

  12. Awe-tastic sig sir, Almost missed the Awsum the first time.

  13. Thank you good sir, Enjoy your day at school :)

  14. Haha, Ive havent been on the server, PM my the info later. How are the graphics coming along?

  15. Thanks boi, We should do MTA sometime, find a nice server and mess around till our server is up. Haven't gone on in SA multiplayer in a while.

  16. Come on msn boi..

  17. The chick behind you is checking you out :/

  18. Thanks buddy, see ya in MTA :)

  19. O_o Wow your 17

  20. Get your butt on msn!

  21. I thought you were in London for Xmas and New year.

  22. Hey Spidey, Nothing really, playing around in Fallout 3, How are things there, back in Portugal?

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