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  1. I think its more of a camera shake than blur.. which is probably what one would be doing while secretly snapping pics of a preview build of a game like Gta.

    And are custom map mods possible in Gta4? Haven't been following the mod community as much. I can't remember a place with tree like that and what looks like a pool and that building there in the game or expansions.

  2. Source



    I'm a bit(Very) sceptical bout them TBH. Rockstar would never allow this to happen for one and I don't think they'd name the game Gta 5 either(based on the series/engine naming).

  3. During the download? Print screen/copy paste it. 'Stupid error' is not as helpful as you'd think it is in figuring out whats wrong.

    Downloaded and working fine for me.

  4. Thanks SV.

    @Evo: Don't worry about the other Hindi translation. Was looking at Analytics a bit more this evening and I saw that almost 100% of Indians are using US or UK English. Barely any at all are using Hindi or any other language. Seems pretty pointless to do any Hindi translations if no one will use it.

    Yea yep.. thats true.. I don't think I've ever seen/know anyone using Hindi(Or any language other than English) on the Internet.
  5. You could merge all/Selected network sites with the TGTAP forums. Different domains for the front page/home but the articles,etc are posted from here? Centralize the forums so Chris doesn't have to develop/manage 5 different communities.

    More games = more news = more active members?

  6. I did single/couple of words at a time while checking the grammar. So yeah actual language knowledge + google translate = Quite reliable.

    I did the underlining,etc. Will do the guest one in the morning, Translating in hard work when you have to do the text part too.

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