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Status Updates posted by EvoLuTioN

  1. Okay! I'm chilled now! Countinue,

  2. Doing stuff,got some new tracks today Checking them out ! You? Why the sudden killer instincts?

  3. I'm getting a bit freaked now!

  4. Rock owns pebble, but pretty good! Pump some more iron!

  5. Hey there, Sorry I couldn't be on msn yesterday. My nets has been acting up lately. I hope its stable today.

  6. My penis is harder than a rock!

  7. hahahahaha lolfukdude @Run

  8. Your penis touches the floors, thats a bummer! (/pun)

  9. yea yea! i need links!!!

  10. Hi me on msn now !

  11. lol ! Im sawwy! I coudn't resist not posting it.

  12. lol yeah We'l miss you too

  13. Nah I already have some! SSup!

  14. Dude my grammar is like having sex with butter, Smooth!

  15. No probs mate, glad you liked it

  16. Yup! Check your PM!

  17. Haha! yeah no probs you can add me!

  18. Awsumness.....i sleep at 3am get up at 10 am and get out of bed at 1pm so meh...pretty much the same!

  19. One of the reasons I don't get up before 10am!

  20. Not much actually, having some cake. Watching a darn boring movie!

  21. Cute girl interested in gaming! How can I resist...ssup!

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