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  1. 7.62mm

    What happened?!

    I mean those Megaphones. You know the ones they scream in to say yur under arrest and stuff
  2. 7.62mm

    Yo momma's sooooo fat...

    Yo Mommas so fat.. She played POol with the Planets! lol!!!
  3. 7.62mm

    GTA IV vs. Saints Row 2

    Saints Row was a great game. I'm thinking about buying.
  4. 7.62mm

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    lol wheelman. Nice
  5. 7.62mm

    End of the World

    Holy Parrot Planet X!
  6. 7.62mm

    Tigers And Pigs

    Whhhaaaoo duude!! Thats sweet!
  7. 7.62mm


    Hey guys, I been playing this game for a while now. You should really get it. The CO-OP Is Incredibly fun! Just talk about Crackdown in here.
  8. 7.62mm


    Well I take art in school! Im pretty good. I can show you some of my work
  9. 7.62mm


    I like Playing as PLA.
  10. 7.62mm

    Last thing that you bought?

    Last thing I bought was a GUN. Airsoft lol
  11. 7.62mm

    End of the World

    I hate thinking about the end of the world. Then again... Afterwords. There will be life again. I bet you million dollars. Maybe no us.... but other creatures like that are microscopic.
  12. FREESTYLE!!! Wuuutup DAWG! :)

  13. Hey pal :) Thanks buddy how r yu doin man? Ok I hope! :) See ya around holmes :)

  14. 7.62mm

    Silb's Custom License Plates

    THANKS BUD!!!!!!!! How much is it gonna cost?
  15. 7.62mm

    Silb's Custom License Plates

    Hey Silb! Buddy can you make me one that says SNIPER, in a really cool text? On a Colorado Lisence plate
  16. 7.62mm

    Does Clubpenguin suk more than Runescape?

    Runescape sucks in my oppinion anything is betta than that!
  17. 7.62mm

    Love & Relationships Thread

    Funny how with my gf I can be really really not shy but right when I hang out with just a friend thats a girl I get really bad butterflies.
  18. 7.62mm

    What do you want to be when your older?

    If S.W.A.T team doesn't work I wanna be a commidian, Know i didnt spell that right
  19. 7.62mm

    Sex at a young age

    Now, I didn't know if this should go in the warzone or not. If not can a mod move it? Sorry If this is in the wrong place, but I thought about this today... I have a gf.. We love eachother so freakin much. We been dating for like a month. Now.. THis kid today.. Knows I am a virgin. So all of a sudden.. He says dude do you think I am a virgin? I said buddy I really dont know. He goes Im not. I had sex last night. I said aw well good for you.. It doesnt end there. He keeps rubbing it in my face. The thing was though. They didn't even care for eachother. They just had sex for the hell of it. Does that piss you off? Or have you done it? Like the way I see it.. I just want to wait for someone who is very very special to me. I guess everyone is different though.. What's your view on that? You know I say keeping your virginity in High School is alot more challenging then losing it. A few nights ago I came close with my gf, thing is, I love her very much So freakin much, and this kid.. Just did it probably to feel good. It just irritates me a little. Now! Maybe I am wrong! Who knows. Basically do you think its better to wait? Or do you think People like this kid is ok. I'm not saying he's a bad kid. I just... When I am 16, and I am talking to a 12 year old who is rubbing it in my face, is that something to think badly about?
  20. Get on MSN yu Cockeroach! lol!!

  21. 7.62mm

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Look like ELvis! lol! Good man I like
  22. 7.62mm

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Ma puppy and me Just woke up with him but as you can see he was too lazy to lift up his head.
  23. 7.62mm

    RATE Person above you

    lol thanks man!!! Well my gf is from Australia She got an accent AV-9/10 funny lol sig10/10 WICKED Person- Yu awsome man
  24. 7.62mm

    RATE Person above you

    Avi- 9 cuz i like army Sig- 1.. Person- dont got ne thing against you Good youtube user. betta than me