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  1. Hehe thank you buddy, I know I would be missed :P

    But yea.. The gunner wasn't aiming at me but the cop fired off one round right in the back of the head I saw people pointing to a body on the ground. I couldn't go of course cops were swarming getting me away from the scene as of everybody else.

    Don't get this mixed up, this was in the capital building I saw people pointing like up the stairs though. So guys this took place Inside the capital building but it was wierd because The shot came my direction it sounded like. Maybe it just echoed and fooled me. Who knows. Scary stuff though!

  2. I got out of theropy early today... I was walking by Bill Ritters office in Denver. (Governer for Colorado) I don't know how to say this... This guy pulled out a gun and said he was the Emperor of Colorado. It looked like a glock 18, He was going to kill him. Luckily an officer was behind him and shot him in the back of the head so nobody was hurt. But holy shit. I was a block away!!!! I heard people screaming and then BAM!! It was over. I guess That crazy guy is taken off his throne today. :mellow: That was scary because the bullet kinda was shot in my direction. Im thankful to be here. We were all scared.

  3. The milk going off? :mellow: ! lol! Please explain buddy :D

    I had a nightmare once I got sucked into a toilet. I lived with things down there, and had to build my own little shelter thing because every now and then there would be a Tsunami. (When someone flushed the toilet) Pretty weird!

  4. Hey guys, I thought I would inform you. I am going to Childrens hospital now. I go for some bad anxiety.. I won't be active on these forums for a while.. they wan't me everday, it's an all day event for a long time. :( I got to say it's kinda scary. There are kids that have to be thrown in rooms. They are screaming.. Breaking things.. I am just thankful I am going for easier things. I just need better skills to talk to kids my age one on one. and I get scared alot guys. I remember I was driving and I thought the car was going to explode and I imagined myself bloodied on the side of the road. And no.. It's not games that make me think this. I was born with this guys. Its hard for me. I know though.. One day, I am going to come out on top :) Now guys this isn't a goodbye because I will be back soon ok? :) I just wanted to say.. I do have some issues that need to be taken care of. I am in good hands. Wish me luck eh? I will see you all soon :) And thank you for being my friend :)


  5. Sorry guys and gals.. This kinda changes the subject.. Is sex hard? :mellow: Know thats a dumb question :( I am sorry but I have many people say that and other things like that can be complicated and that girls have it alot easier. Is this right?

  6. What are you guys and gals planning on doing when you get older? If you already have a job.. What is it? :D

    This is my gig..

    Music is very strong to me. I want to do something with music videos. Be in them. Basically I want to be a rapper. If that doesn't work out for me, I want to Be a cop. Work up from there.. Be a Sniper on the S.W.A.T team :D How bout you guys?

  7. Yea buddy, I am going to still wait. I am just not like that. I think before I do something. You guys are probably right. He was probably bluffing. He has all of that drama stuff.. You know what I mean? Like his name on MSN changes everyday, and its like. "Why couldn't our love last forever." This one caught my attention.... "Show me yours and I will show you myne" He also had a name one time that said, I Cyber for free. I think thats pretty sick.. >.<

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