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  1. Nice pic. I might even steal it. :3

  2. BOOKS before WOMENZ?! oh my gawd. :o

  3. V

    omg me tooh!

  4. V

    It's about averages. Say one person rates 3 stars and another person rates 5 stars, then the obvious average would be 4 stars. ;)

    I'm doing fine and yourself?

  5. V

    Lmao @msn address. xp

  6. Time for some gut wrenching emo-splat. ;)

  7. No more Arucard?! D:

  8. V

    Yeah, that kinda dawned on me a few weeks ago. XD

  9. Do you resent 1337-speak?

  10. V

    Potty training my dog. :)

  11. V

    Nice siggy!

  12. V

    Hey man, what's up?

  13. V

    Enjoy whatever you're about to do.

  14. V

    Evening. :)

  15. V

    Oh yes, particularly delicious. Not to mention the nutritional value. ;)

  16. lyk, total roflage at sig. xp

  17. It's in my profile. >.<

  18. Nice photo, man. ;)

  19. V

    Scratch the last.

  20. Why change your name to arucard?

  21. V

    Bravo, I mean rly.

  22. V

    I've considered trying PS out. But it seems too complicated, and would result in suicide. xD

  23. V

    Got a puppy for xmas, so that's keeping me very busy. xP You?

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