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  1. It's not real, but is a very good fake. I give the dude props though. The book and stuff looks very good. Where he fell short was the box looked just like the San Andreas box (but that is kind of logical) but obviously the disc is garbage. It is kind of one of those thing that could help hold you over, for the time being.

  2. I'm going to buy a PS3 when GTA:IV comes out. But I'll need a HD-TV.

    No is the best time for buying HDTVs. HDTVs always hit big ass price drops just after the super bowl. Look at the Vizios, really good prices for really good quality, and remember, when it comes to HDTVs, SIZE DOES MATTER! I got a 26" HD 720p Vizio for only $450, and thats before the super bowls price drops.

    But yeah, personally I'm not saying get the 360 version cause I'm a 360 fanboy, thought i do like 360 and I do own one. I am planning on buying a PS3 soon. If the DL content was on the PS3 version, I would buy that version.

  3. I heard one of the guys at my local Gamestop say that there would be a midnight release. SOOOooooo.... you guys need to check your local gamestop too.

    I preordered at GameStop, so thats where I'll be getting the game, but I won't be going out to get it at midnight (unless they have some crazy giveaway), since either 1) I wouldn't be able to wake up for work the next morning, or 2) I won't go to work the next day.

    Maybe I need to work on a fake cough, lol.

    DAMN SCHOOL AND WORK! I hate my fuckin job anyways. I'ma bout to put in my two weeks! I'll take abunch of laxetives the night before, so I dont gotta go to school. I'd rather have to shit and get to play GTA IV instead of go to school and not get to play till I get home eight hours into the day.

  4. Yeah the pics arent very good comparisons, could find any better ones. The videos really show off the visual upgrade better. Seeing the shadows and reflections in action, you notice the difference. Plus the character models look alot smoother. In the shots above, the PS2 shot, Jimmy's face looks kinda flat and squared, where as in the 360 they look alot more smooth and natural. Very fun game. It's seeming to last a bit longer than I remember. I love it, I played it alot, but when I beat a game I like to pretty much forget about it and later on down the road, go back and play it again. It seems to give the game new life and let you relive it. Keeps you from selling games after you get them, saves money. Those damn game store fuck you every time you sell a game. Don't let em do you dirty!

  5. I was a little tired after getting off from work this morning when I posted so I left some stuff out......

    I got the 360 when dead rising came out (being it was XBox only) and I really liked it. I enjoyed the 360 allot overall but the PS3 hadn't launched yet when I had it.

    So now that the PS 3 is out I was wondering as an overall gaming platform which one would be better to get. Not just for GTA 4 but for future games as well.

    (I edited my original post to contain all this information also.

    Well the PS3 has Haze, MGS 4 and Coded Arms when it eventually comes out. The 360 has Gears of War 2, Heist, Mercanaries 2: World in Flames and Alan Wake. They both have some killer titles coming, so it's really up to you to decide. Choose based on which titles you would like to play.

  6. Maybe I should pitch a tent outside one of the shops on the night before the release....

    I dont know if it'll have that big of a line. Good thing I live where I do, I live in Arkansas. 75% of peope who play games did'nt even know there was gonna be a GTA IV. Where I live GTA is'nt really popular, believe it or not. Down here 90% of the people who play it are fuckin stupid inbread morons, who only play GTA so they can run around shooting people and stealing cars for hours and hours on end. The kind who will at a moments notice will just leave the room, leaving the game still playing for hours, causing the system to go into sleep mode. I'm one of the only ones who actually play the game, not just fuck around, just shootin shit. It's kind of a good thing. Means there wont be that many in line for it. Now I dont have to skip school and work to get the game, but I will be tired as fuck, cause I'mma play till 4 am.

  7. So a few day back I picked up Bully Scholarship Edition for the 360. Due to requests by Urbanoutlaw, I was just gonna give it a bit of a review and compare it to it's predisecor. I'm sure some of you have played Bully on the PS2. Very cool game I'll bet you agree. It's a softer Rockstar title, but it has that gritty Rockstar style and humor intact and it plays much like GTA. It is a big change from the voilent gunplay of GTA San Andreas, but thats not to say there is'nt some violence in there to.

    Bully on the PS2 was great, but when put up to the 360s Bully Scholarship Edition, 360 comes out on top. Added content like more missions, classes, achievments and a very significant visual upgrade is the edge of the original. It does clunk along sometimes due to the fact that its a port, the frame rate does dip. A patch for it has been released and it did help alot, but there are still a few bugs. But not to worry, Rockstar has gone on record as to say that there will be patches to eleviate these problems. They are not to much to make you hate the game or not get the full fun experience out of the game, but you will notice them, and they do get annoying at times.

    Overall, if you dont have it on 360, even if you do have it on PS2, I still highly recommend it. You'll be glad you did.

    PS2 and 360 visual comparison:

  8. One of the recent previews mentioned 80,000 lines of dialog (not counting missions & cut scenes) in the final release.

    Realistically you'll probably never hear all of it, so additional dialog may be considered pointless.

    I dont think so, every little bit is welcome I say. Makes it feel a bit more real.

  9. I'd like to see a little bit of everything. Some really intence gunplay from cover, uh... uh.... uh , yeah? Never seen that have we. Anyways, some car chases, some hurdling, ladder/light pole climbing. Also I'd like to see a slow part, like say the music slows down and Niko is just chillin or cruisin around. Also, maybe some drunk driving. I wish the trailer was a bit longer this time around, like 4 to 5 minutes. That would be nice, I know its a tall order but I think that Rockstar can more than fill it without giving away the game or ruining anything.

  10. Working on SA DATA mods & beta testing my script (going for 100% complete, just finished "Tanker Commander" & no


    OFF TOPIC -FG, Can you start a topic on the differences between Bully & the Scholarship edition?

    Uhhhh..... sure. Not sure where i'll post it but ok.

  11. I got Bully Scholarship Edition to pass my time. It's an awsome game, plus new features, but I think I'm beating it to quick. Do think It'll hold me for the full 34 days. I gotta figure out how I'll get outta school to go and get it.

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