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  1. RT @chancetherapper: I found the way they tried to illustrate americas racism through the mythical creatures to be a little shallow. #Brigh…

  2. @Drastik619 @MeltdownComics Man you'd have to buy it send me an email and Ill send you info on how

  3. my $2 in #bitcoin is now $2.92 . My $53 in #Litecoin is now $102.51

  4. View from the bathroom @monkishbrewing #beerstagram #beergram #instabeer #tipa #beersofinstagram… https://t.co/dyBEmvj5gb

  5. Driving home #Inglewood https://t.co/lanblbgvvN

  6. Vocabulary Spills I'm Ill. #delasoul @monkishbrewing #beer #beerlover #craftbeer #ipa #hiphop… https://t.co/UMmxZfnH0k

  7. I just got a literal as well as figurative "wake up" call from my dad

  8. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/PVxTmknNI1 The Marlon Way - Ghetto Remedies

  9. Our Latest! https://t.co/yQtPJq5KrI https://t.co/BjkoWStbHt

  10. He don't know nothin bout them fruits though http://t.co/2gFqs03AnV

  11. I'm in the car with my dad now. He is listening to @Pitbull in Spanish...

  12. Ok, when I do that first one, add those! I'll make a public list somewhere. My Tumblr I (@YouTube http://t.co/UjdWIQebSS)

  13. Dad and his twin @ District Chophouse & Brewery http://t.co/1E8VIyPV2f

  14. Give me a subject to do some Spoken Word on. I want to try something new. It has to be Game or comic related. I want to do one a week

  15. I love how people screw around with no regard for whatever else they may be affecting

  16. This is my advice for anyone trying to fond that last bail bonds dude in #GTAV http://t.co/fkjrCjssVH

  17. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/nPo9kzzZq2 Spoken Pixels - Dynasty Warriors 7 Review Rap