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    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome, everyone!!
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    Hottest Member 2007 - Picture Submission

    Ironically, all my coolest pictures aren't the greatest quality. Fail.
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    How do you define your nationality?

    Probably they don't possess a nationality as per we know the meaning...I don't say they're refugees and stuff; but they actually don't reside anywhere much and so they are not belonging to particular nation, I think thats why you are giving importance to birth place in such cases. Nothing wrong, after all its your opinion. Everyone has a nationality. I am sure if you ask that person what their nationality is, they will give where they were born. That is why I think going by birthplace makes more sense. Everyone uses either one or the other as their answer, I was just wondering what the people here chose as their definition
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    Introduce Yourself..

    Who cares how long a person has been here? Just welcome the guy and get on with life. Throwing out the whole U R A NOOB garbage is lame and is no way to welcome someone. Hope that made your penis grow even more, osiris
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    How do you define your nationality?

    ^ Some people agree but I think that living somewhere shouldn't determine what you are. Besides, what if someone travels a lot? They stay in some cities for years and then move on. Does that mean they have no nationality because they don't live in a certain place for a long time? That is one reason why I think it makes more sense to consider yourself whatever nationality you are based on where you were born. Pulling a random name out of my head, Russell Crowe lives and works in America yet is still defined as Australian.
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    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi and welcome to the forum!
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    Where Do You Live?

    I live in Ontario, Canada but was not born here [/extra info no one asked for].
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    Inventory Control Specialist, plus on midnight shift, I get to work as a shipping specialist and I get to tell people what to do and be n charge (besides the manager). That part rocks. I make $17 an hour.
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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Yes because it was a retarded comment, considering just about everyone here does it. If you want it to finish, stop answering everyone. Anyways, don't take it too seriously, I just thought it was offensive to the people who do that sort of thing but whateva, we're all friends now.
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    My Goodbye

    *Glares at Chris and company*
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    My Goodbye

    I wished banned members only had access to the flame forum so we can have some fun with them.
  12. I usually disappear because I get sick of the bandwagoners who can't handle a rant on a moron. :) Besides, I disagree with some mod choices (okay, one) and this place just isn't as fun as it once was.

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    what is your heritage?

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    What pisses you off?

    Sluts, whores, tramps, etc. This includes attention whores.
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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Thank goodness for girls like Rainbow Bear and Chestnut who pose decent, tasteful pictures. Kudos to you wonderful ladies. All females are required to take a picture of themself holding a piece of paper with their name on it or they don't exist. I wasn't aiming that at you and I said ones with huge white flash annoy me. Your one is good quality and looks nice. Edit: Ok, just so everybody knows, when I said "I think it's a bit lame to take photos of yourself at home..." I meant that I thought it was lame to take loads of photos of yourself all serious and trying to act cool in front of the camera. For example, somebody who I know on facebook has a photo of himself sitting on a chair with no shirt on, holding a guitar, the most boring expression on his face and wearing sunglasses inside when it's very dark. He was not even playing the guitar as he is looking at his computer screen for the display of the webcam and his hands are not holding any frets in particular. If you took the photo to simply show people what you looked like, or to show your new house etc then that is also fine IMO unless it's like something on what I posted above. Photos like Sky's, K9 Krew and Stephie 077 are all perfecty fine and I'm sorry if I have insulted anybody, it was not my intention to do so. The reason I said that was after looking at other people's photos on a different page. I have also taken photos of myself at home but I wasn't trying to act cool or impress anybody like other people I've seen have done, I don't care what other people think about me, I just act myself. It's lamer to take a generic picture of themself on a skateboard or with a boring expression on their face at a beach. There's a picture of me "in my house being serious and trying to act cool."
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    I just discovered this game (coming out in a few weeks for PS3, out now for PS2) from my friend who can't stop talking about it. If you like to sing in the shower, this game is for you. Use those shower skills and put them to good use! SingStar is basically kareoke. You get two mics (if you want to sing with a friend) and there are four versions of the game" Amped, Rock, Pop and 80's. Each has 30 songs. Good thing is, I have a PS3 and the PS2 mics are compatible with it, though the PS3 version of the game will have a new mic. I just picked up the 80's one and it's actually fun. This is one of those games that is going to be awesome when everyone is piss drunk. All you have to do is sing on key and sing the correct lyrics. You get points for how well you do. Is this game embarrassing? Hell yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes. I'm hoping to pick up the pop one next. The songs on all 4 are actually pretty good. I personally think the pop and 80's versions are the best collections of songs. 8/10.
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    which site do you use

    I always use Facebook.
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    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi everyone and welcome to The GTA Place!
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    Only stupid people have unprotected sex who are not ready for a baby. I highly doubt your stupid so don't do it again. You'll get lucky this time but next time, you never know. If you want to know for sure as soon as possible, get her to the doctor and get her a blood test. Her symptoms might be nothing. If she is thinking about "am I pregnant" all the time, her mind will trick her and make her think she has symptoms pertaining to being pregnant. Trust me, it happened to me before, the only difference is that I am in the process of trying to get pregnant and NOT a 15 year old. I had symptoms too but only because I thought about it 24/7.
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    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to all the new people.
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    GTA Forums is full of complete and immature assholes.
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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Those eye "swooshes" are my trademark. I like when people try to copy and my friends at work say "hey, that's Jade's style" and the girl never does it again.
  23. BOOBS.

    Now that I have your attention....

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    Post pictures of yourself v2.0