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    The Random Post Topic

    *escapes into a wonderful dream*
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    What pisses you off?

    Racists too.
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    Last thing that you bought?

  4. Some people in this forum are fucked. Luckily, the majority are cool.

  5. YellowJacket

    What pisses you off?

    I had third period lunch and then a spare when I was in HS. I usually went home and never came back
  6. YellowJacket


    Not really, from my experience people who are lone get to know more people than those who already have friends there since those who already know people stick to them while the newbies have to search for friends. When I was in college, pretty much everyone in my classes just hung out with the people they knew. One of my friends from high school was there the same time as I was but we went for different courses so I only saw her on the way to school and on any breaks we had at the same time.
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    Great job Gerard!! It's cool to go to school with people you know. It's better than being the lone new face.
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    The Principal's Office

    In high school, I was there many times for skipping school with my friend and going to the mall. Oddly enough, I was always above average and never failed anything.
  9. At first, you were a bit of a retard but you've gotten better ^_^

  10. Highwire's actually a lot better than 7.62mm.

    *is scared*

  11. You know ya waaaaaaant it.

  12. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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    Exclusive To PS3/360

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    Exclusive To PS3/360

    Nothing is exclusive, no matter what they say.
  15. No one commented on you after all this time? Bastards!

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    Now Time To Leave

    Who are you? *looks away*
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    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome, I am Jade. Nice to meet ya
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    The last thing you Googled

  19. YellowJacket

    Do you look at Porn?

    It's basically part of a male's genetics. Visuals stimulate the male's brain. It's almost like they need to see these things because it's natural. If they don't, the brain kinda longs for it. A lot of men stop doing it, or at least cut down, as they get older. They get bored of looking at other women when they get settled into a relationship. My husband used to look all the time but he hasn't in ages. It gets less important when you have the real thing.
  20. YellowJacket

    Do you look at Porn?

    Females are more about guys who can take care of them, love them, make them feel good, have good personalities and are basically good husband/father material. We're more on the emotional side of things. Males are more about looking at females. That's why pretty much any guy you meet looks at women on the internet or magazines, even if they have a GF/wife. It doesn't mean they love their GF/wife any less, it's just a thing guys do. Looking at girls on the net means no strings attached. He can get his visual without having to cheat. I'd rather have my man look at a woman on the net he has no chance with than have him out on the prowl for people he can easily get with if he wanted to
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    Do you look at Porn?

    Not really that much. Women aren't as visual as men.
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    What are you watching right now?

    Martin Mystery. This show sucks.