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    Womens Rights

    I get paid more than a number of guys at my job and I also have a higher position than them. As for rights, I think it's bullshit when women try to push rights when it comes to certain things, like playing in a men's league. Most women are much smaller and more fragile than guys are. It's not our fault, we were just made that way, so it pisses me off when some woman complains that they wont let her in a men's league when the men would bash her into the boards and break every bone in her body. I also think it's bullshit how a woman can beat a guy up and no one says anything but when a man hits a woman, he's the ultimate asshole. No one should hit, period. It doesn't make it right to hit just because it's a woman doing it. In my opinion, if some bitch is going to hit a guy, she deserves what she gets.
  2. YellowJacket

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Makes me think of Pulp Fiction, ha.
  3. YellowJacket

    Should we LEGALIZE Drugs?

    Did you not notice how unhealthy cigarettes are?? That didn't stop anyone from selling them.
  4. YellowJacket

    how much do u smoke per day?

    I don't smoke, never have, never will. My Grandpa died from it and I never got to meet him. Sucks. My husband smokes.....around 5 or 6 cigs per day but he doesn't smoke the whole cigarette because he's trying to quit.
  5. YellowJacket

    idaho mother gets 10 years in jail

    Actually, puberty is hitting girls earlier and earlier nowadays. I hit it when I was 10 and that was 15 years ago so yeah, think about how different things are now. The foods that people eat these days is affecting a lot of things, including puberty. Why do you think there are 12 year old girls out there with huge boobs? Kids are also taller. A lot of my friends' kids at work are taller than they are and they're kids aren't even teens yet. You can barely tell how old a kid is now. A lot of them look much older than they are.
  6. YellowJacket

    2 members online

    Not really. Just wanted to know why there was only me and Bronco on. Because no one else was on. What type of question is that? LOL. My opinion on the matter is that there really isn't much to talk about....I mean, it's a GTA forum and there really isn't much GTA stuff to talk about right now...CW doesn't seem to be making many people excited and most us have probably finished GTA 4 by now so there isn't anything left to discuss.
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    No offence but you really have no idea what you are talking about. First off, how many times have you heard something being an "exclusive" yet it pops up on other consoles? I am pretty sure that Resident Evil 4, for example, was listed as an exclusive yet now it's on a few other consoles. Don't ever let the term exclusive fool you. Nothing is ever exclusive. Second, CW pretty much looks like the original GTA so how is Nintendo "raping" it? If anything, they are bringing it back to it's original state. You just seem to be a Nintendo hater who's just ranting about the console for the mere fact that you dislike it as opposed to actually thinking the company is doing anything to ruin a series. If you think a certain sequel sucks, go blame the actual game company (Capcom, etc), not Nintendo.
  8. YellowJacket

    Favorite clothing?

    I like the Mr.Vercetti wardrobe.
  9. YellowJacket

    GTA San Andreas coming to Xbox Originals

    I already have it for PS2 and play it on my PS3 so this news does nothing for me.
  10. YellowJacket


    That's really stupid logic. I don't see why another console can't have a game. It makes it better for those out there who can't afford to buy every console. The people who can only afford a DS are probably shitting bricks right now that they finally get to play a GTA game. I've spend lots of money on consoles and still have them all but other people can't just whip out their wallets and buy it all like I did. Those people who never had a system that supported a GTA game probably never cared about the series before but will now get some exposure to it.
  11. YellowJacket

    First screenshots

    This game looks AWESOME! I've needed a new game for my DS for a while now so this will definately be it.
  12. YellowJacket

    Post Your CJ

    I haven't really updated my CJ. He's still roamning arond in his wifebeater and jeans. I added some tats. I'm too busy doing the missions to bother getting new gear for him but I think I'll have a look and see what I can get.
  13. YellowJacket

    Oddest Charecter

    Donald was a weirdo.
  14. YellowJacket

    Chinatown Wars lets you buy and sell drugs

    GTA is a bit more geared towards adults anyways so I don't se why it's so wrong to have drug dealing in the game. That doesn't mean everyone will go out and start to deal drugs. You steal cars, kill people and screw random chicks. I hardly think that it's going over the top to add drug deals.
  15. YellowJacket

    New Video Is Here !

    Awesome work! Thanks for sharing with us.
  16. YellowJacket

    A question to all the teenagers and other young guys

    You should probably look at my post count. I don't have that many posts in this section alone. Way to avoid the actual conversation.
  17. YellowJacket

    A question to all the teenagers and other young guys

    You are speaking for yourself. Note that I said not all younger people are bad but a majority are. That also isn't to say that all adults are angels. It's pretty stupid that people would not care about education as much based on doing the same things every year. Your education is your future and not caring about it just because you are getting a repeat topic shows how much you don't care about your future. Not sure how school works now but when I was in school, one year would be new stuff, the next year would be stuff we learnt from before the last year, the next year would be new stuff again, etc. (so basically old/new/old/new). It rotated. Just do the work, graduate and further your education with something you like. If it bothers you that much, why don't YOU make a suggestion at your school? Either way, being bored of what you are doing doesn't mean a kid can skip class and be a douchebag. Adults tend to be a bit more mature and don't always think so high and mighty of themselves. If you walk into a place where half the people are adults and half are younger people, I can guarantee the younger people wont waste any time judging you because you aren't part of their "clique" whereas the adults will just continue doing what they are doing. For example, I have a gold and black winter RocaWear coat. It's not blinding or anything but it is slightly flashy (I'll take a pic sometime so you see what I mean) so I walked into KFC on Friday and there was a large group of young people, probably from the high school I went to just up the street, and some random adults there. One of the idiot young guys looks over and I heard him say "YO THAT GIRL IS ALL INTO SHINY, HAHAHAHA". Lucky for him, there were a number of other people around. If he didn't have 20 people who would probably jump me, I would have literally walked up to him and either told him off or punched him in the jaw. Not to be cool but to prove a point that these idiots have no idea who they are talking to. One day, his "I think I am cool saying something about someone" attitude will get him killed. He'll say it to the wrong person and they'll pull out a gun or a knife. You think different on this subject because you are part of the younger generation. I can guarantee you right now that when you get older, you will think the exact same way other adults do about the younger generation. I was offended, too, when I was young and people bashed us but now I see what they mean. Face it, a large number of the younger population are assholes. They think they can say and do whatever they want and not get touched.
  18. YellowJacket

    How many languages can you speak

    You do know that Canadian French isn't real French, right?
  19. YellowJacket

    Post pictures of yourself v2.0

    Lazy bastards.
  20. YellowJacket

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome to the forum!
  21. I was born in America. My dad is British and my grandparents are Ukrainian. I think I look more Ukrainian than anything, lol. My husband is Vietnamese.

  22. YellowJacket

    Things you don't know about people!

    LOL, nope. That's who I was referring to when I said "I'm sure it isn't who you are thinking it is". Sean's birthday is August 25th. Good try though
  23. YellowJacket

    Things you don't know about people!

    Sailor Moon>>>>>>>>>>Powerpuff Girls. I still watch SM (I have it all on DVD) and I couldn't even begin to gie a rat's ass what people thought of me. SM is awesome and I will never grow out of it. I've been watching it for 12 years and don't plan on stopping. I've already planned to have my future daughter(s) watch it. Sweet. I joined this forum on one my favourite lover's birthday (besides my husband, lol). If you can guess who he is, you get a cookie. Hope you've been paying attention (he's obviously someone famous but I'm sure it isn't who you are thinking it is). In any case, this person owns you AND your family.
  24. YellowJacket

    Grand Theft Auto Movie

    This made me cry and they weren't happy tears.
  25. YellowJacket

    IQ picture test.

    Same here. It goes whichever way I want it to.