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  1. BOOBS.

    Now that I have your attention....

  2. DAMN.

    Your post about that stupid gangsta and the country song about his sister was CLASSIC.

  3. Highwire's actually a lot better than 7.62mm.

    *is scared*

  4. I wish I was half asian. Mixed people always look awesome, lol.

    Sucks how people treated you. Society sucks. I'll bet they were just jealous that you had a unique look to you (not that I know what you look like but mixed people always look cool) ^_^

  5. My God, you and Spaz are such a cute couple!

    So why didn't ya enter the hottest member contest? You're a hottie!

  6. ...OK, at first I didn't like the name but now it's funny as hell!

  7. 10 years old? COOTIES!

  8. Ah, the state of New York. I am originally from Buffalo. Welcome.

  9. At first, you were a bit of a retard but you've gotten better ^_^

  10. Awesome profile pic ^_^

  11. Aww, thanks Jared! <3

  12. Can I have a banana and a story?

  13. Combo #6 (Spicy chicken burger) with no tomatoes, fries and a coke. I'd KILL for it <3

  14. Ha, actually, green is my favourite colour but it was a bit hard to see. I use a different colour font because it's my "trademark" in every forum I go to.

  15. Haha, Godfather's a bitch and I'm happy to make topics where people can flame the shit out of dildos like him.

  16. Haha, I don't care what gender you are, you're awesome <3

  17. Half asian? Cool, my kids will be too, lol.

  18. He sounds like a tool and I will enjoy making him look stupid, which isn't hard.