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  1. Highwire's actually a lot better than 7.62mm.

    *is scared*

  2. You know ya waaaaaaant it.

  3. No one commented on you after all this time? Bastards!

  4. I usually take my glasses off in pictures so there are no shadows or glares. I have a few new pictures with my glasses on. I might post them.

  5. Hee hee, it's funny you mention glasses because I actually do wear glasses regularly. They are failing me.

  6. LOL...I just noticed your join date was 06...I thought it was 07...shows you how crap my eyes are <_<

  7. Hey, what's up! Enjoying the forum so far?

  8. Hope ya had an awesome birthday!

  9. Pizza Pockets>>>Hot Pockets.

  10. I joined in May and I was absent for a while. I guess I'm kinda new than <_<

  11. It's so weird because when I was 13, I had crushes on a bunch of Sailor Moon guys....Looking back, I can't believe I was in love with paper, haha.

  12. Ah, the state of New York. I am originally from Buffalo. Welcome.

  13. I LOVE Megatron and Soundwave. I really liked the movie too, I thought it was well done. Only change I wanted was less humans, more Transformers!

  14. Haha, Godfather's a bitch and I'm happy to make topics where people can flame the shit out of dildos like him.