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  1. It depends on the subject of the forum. GTA isn't something people can talk about daily for long periods of time. Once a new one comes out, people want to talk about it, but, when the game isn't new anymore, the conversations go away. I am a long time member of a wrestling forum and a lot of wrestling forums thrive because it's something that comes on TV each week, so, there is always something to discuss. Game forums, for the most part, tend to die when there is no new game to talk about. I also mod a Mortal Kombat forum, the same thing happens there. No new game, discussion is fairly low. When a new game comes out, there is plenty to do.

  2. Not ALL women prefer 'bad guys' so don't group us together ;)

    Women can be really...strange. We sometimes deal with really stupid things because we like the attention and the feeling of it. The bad boy image can be attractive (depending on what exactly is 'bad boy' -ish about the guy) but, when it comes to men who beat women and the woman staying with the man because she 'loves him', it is often done out of fear....my friend's ex-husband beat the living shit out of her and she was with him for 17 years. She was too damn scared to try to get away and felt he would come after her and kill her, and they also had two small children, and she feared for their lives as well.

    It isn't always easy to just get up and go.

  3. :rolleyes: first of all welcome alfiewilrus to the TGTAP.I bet here you will feel just as fine as you were at the gtaforums well there are quite a few similarities between these two but if you are a die hard fan of gta then you can get along comfortably

    Why are you rolling your eyes at him?

    Anyways, every group of forums have rivalries. There are some people from their forum who don't like ours and some from ours who don't like them. It's not a huge rivalry, though, just a few people.

    Welcome and stick around =)

  4. Don't have it, don't want it. I know a guy in another forum who got totally destroyed on Skype. He gave his number to one girl and she told a bunch of other guys in that forum and they called the guy at like 4AM every night, haha.

  5. In middle school and HS, I was really, really shy and didn't really talk to many people but I didn't get made fun of....had maybe one or two girls act like bitches but that was about it.

    Now, I am far from being shy and I just generally don't give a fuck anymore (I just mean by this that I don't get embarrassed about anything, really) and I take care of myself a lot more so I get the dirty cut eye from other girls. In HS especially, I just didn't care about how I dressed. I was one of those girls who was normal weight but always thought she was fat so I wore baggy clothes, always had my hair in Chun Li buns.....if you saw a pic, you wouldn't even believe it, lol.

    It's funny because I used to give girls cut eye back then out of jealousy and now I get it a lot. LULZ tables have turned, I feel proud to be the envy of other women.

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