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  1. have you already done it? i dont think it stops the mods from working.


    no i was wondering if i did patch to v1.01 if itd screw everything up cuz im thinkin bout doin that to be able to get past flyin school

  2. does anybody here know where i can find a skin for cj that changes him into the game or snoop dog cuz the i found on gtagarage.com isnt downloadable or mayb any the game & snoop dog shirts tats

  3. Well it could be because of that or you might just have a shitty computer like me. :( Your memory might be filled a bit so check that. But I'll let the computer guys handle it now.

    thx ill check tht

  4. when i go to do grey imports i cant do the mission cuz after the cutscene the screen goes black and stays that way till i hit escape.