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  1. So bought GTA IV complete edition yesterday. The main game and both episodes, 20 dollars. Shit is going in the store for 50-60. It's been a month since I got my PS3, and I'm JUST now picking up GTA.

    1. Chris
    2. Spaz The Great

      Spaz The Great

      Yeah, who all here has GTA IV for PS3? I'll try to make some time to hit the network.

  2. The proper question is, what is NOT on my mind?

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    2. Damjan


      @ Evo:


      Linx please?

    3. Nate10


      i almost tried liking this post.

    4. JustADummy


      lol old days.

  3. I'm never on here, AIM, I'm rarely on Facebook anymore... Hell, the only thing I really use the internet for right now is online banking and Netflix. Shits a little hectic right now.

  4. Woken up at 5 am by room mate being loud. Have to work at 8 am. It is now 6:05am. Fuck me.

  5. I tried my best. The pizza guy with the rose was accidentally found on Google. It's actually a paid clipart, I simply got rid of the watermark.

  6. Then Thomas is a "spaz". It has absolutely nothing to do with your mental or intellectual self.

  7. I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment. The "swearing" just comes out naturally, it isn't forced out to make my post sound different....

  8. Touche. That it does.

  9. We just got fuuucked up with a hookah, a bubbler, and a pipe + tobacco.

  10. In like, 07. I didn't even run this year((admittedly because I had forgotten)). I was the one who originally started "Hottest Member", and I won the first year.

  11. He's a 13 year old conservative right-wing republican Christian. He isn't pretending.

  12. ...... >.> This is getting repetitive, but which one? They all say that.... >.>

  13. Which one? There's five of them. On a rotator.

  14. Lol, WHICH sig? There's 5 rotating right now. And yeah, they are all old sigs. I made so many that I never used, that I don't have to make a new one for a couple years.

  15. Fuck AOL. I use AIM. I don't deal with AOL's service.

  16. No, I've lurked occasionally, but I won't be going back

  17. Wow.... I don't even have a sig like that. I have two that have a sphere to the side.....

  18. Funny, because there's TWO with box corners... Same color. LOLZ

  19. Which one did you see originally, though? There's four.

  20. Just felt like showing how retarded Google manipulation is..... :-p

  21. I think it was in the staff room somewhere. Either that or the old elite board.

  22. No, actually, I'm not a female. I just did that for the lolz. But I do find it amusing that you would take back what you said if I was a female XD

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