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  1. Because if he is insane which judging by what you said previously is a matter of trivial relevance in the American justice system, then he should be dealt with accordingly. You can't just sentence a man to death because on the surface he seems to be no more than a remorseless murder, if there are underlying psychological issues then does the man not deserve to be treated for these issues?

    but you cant just treat every crime as a mental disorder. people need to be held accountable for their actions. not every crime is a result of a mental disorder. sometimes a person is just bad. and a person who has the mental capacity to plan this out so thoroughly for so long is NOT insane and unable to understand his actions 


    This is the entire point we're making, the legal system is a joke. Legal insanity is bullshit. Besides, what happened was far from his plan. All of his work was planted in his mind. He was but a puppet. A deranged psychotic puppet, but a puppet none-the-less.

  2. You give yourself a lot of credit if you think I give a damn about what you say anymore, let alone read it.

    I don't tend to believe you to be mature enough to practice what you preach.

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  3. Just keep thinking that and stay a foot or two out of Kicking Distance -


    [paraphrase courtesy of Dave Mustaine]


    Just cry to yourself, and read this (and weep)



    Cry? Jesus... you are a moron. I think I mentioned at least 4 times that I hope GTA V never makes it to PC...

    Which is a fucking ridiculous thing for you to say. Just because your panties are all twisted up because you don't think Rockstar treats your precious device properly you hope they never release GTAV for it? Stop being such a whiny little bitch. For fucks sake, man, all you do is cry about how much GTA sucks compared to SR, and then turn around and cry that GTA pc releases aren't up to par for you? Then play SR, leave this forum, and let us all just carry on with living.

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  4. I think spending months planning an elaborate mass killing is definitely one of the signs of insanity. As would be going through with said plans. Regardless of what the reasons or motives behind this were, I find it to be shitty publicity surrounding the movie that this happened, on opening night at that. It's upsetting to think that there wasn't one person in that crowd ready to act in defense of the people. And I especially can't figure out WHY THE HELL A 3 MONTH OLD BABY WAS AT A MIDNIGHT MOVIE RELEASE. WHERE THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

    That's all I have to say on the matter.

    Sorry, i know this topic is old, but I saw this and HAD to say that, coming from a police officer and someone who studies law, spending months planning a mass shooting is a sign that he is NOT insane. Insanity means he does not understand the law, the nature of his actions, or right from wrong. Seeing as he spent months planning this attack to make sure it went exactly how he wanted, he obviously had a brain in his head which would negate any possibility of insanity. just a bad person that should be eligible for the death penalty

    Police officers seemingly have NO grasp on psychology.  Sociopaths are not only incredibly intelligent, they are also incredibly organized, secretive, and elaborate. I happen to be studying psychopaths right now, and I do believe that is more on-par with judging someone's mental status than studying law. 

  5. Well this thread has become somewhat repetitive and truth be told you are starting to bore me with your hypocritical nonsensical ramblings so I will say adieu and goodbye


    Doesn't count as a win, hun. Just because people get bored with your ridiculousness doesn't mean your points are valid.

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  6. I presented in this discussion without any pretense to call people names and belittle them, make them feel the fool, but it seems you do a good job of that yourself, Tun3r

    It's legitimately all he's good at, in fact. I've not EVER witnessed one instance of him in any kind of discussion that did not involve him belittling someone, usually for nothing more than his own pleasure. Myself, I prefer face-to-face mental anguish to quench my sadism, but to each their own, right?

    @B: Max Payne 3 was developed by several Rockstar studios, and I can remember Sam Houser, Dan Houser and Leslie Benzie having their names first in the intro credits. Might wanna look that up again.

    Grand Theft Auto V itself IS indeed developed by Rockstar North, but seeing as Max Payne 3 and LA Noire were just pigs for slaughter...

    @U: Fanboys always get revolted and make things personal whenever someone talks bad about their favorite whatever. You fit the bill nicely.

    DEVELOPED by Rockstar Studios, or PUBLISHED by Rockstar Studios, because I feel you may not know the difference.

    And that fan-boy comment was absolutely adorable. Says the one who gets beet-red with anger when someone down-talks Saints Row. It's incredibly entertaining watching you flame people for resorting to flaming people, go fanatical over a game then turn around and throw accusations of fanboyism, and then take a jab at humor by oh-so-cleverly changing my words in quotes JUST to go and throw my own judgment of you back on me as if "NO YOU!" has any support in any type of argument.

    Oh, and run-on sentences, bitch. Because I can.

  7. If I had the opportunity to own McDonald's corporation I would not hesitate to shut the entire thing down. Internationally. I know that would cost millions of jobs, but the BILLIONS of dollars McDonald's has would immediately be donated to all the small-time really good burger joints across the country. Take that, fuckin' Clown!

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  8. Glad to see you're still up to the same things, Tuner. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I knew you weren't out here starting shit with people over bullshit like their own opinions or them not speaking as proper of English as you do even though your spelling isn't quite up to par.

    Seriously, people, unless you enjoy doing this, you shouldn't argue with Tuner. It's not ending, not anytime soon.

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  9. Just a couple points I'd like to make. First off, yes, let's make it illegal to own guns, because those criminals are such law-abiding citizens...

    Second off, the issue here is most certainly not guns, but mental disorders and how inappropriately they are being handled in this country.

    Third off, the 2nd amendment is not about hunters and gun collectors WHAT-SO-EVER. It's about retaining the ability to defend yourself against your own government in case they get out of control.

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  10. Yes as soon as I saw the screen was simply another angle of one we've seen before, I just knew I had to post it to get some wonderfully inspiring comment out of you.

    You know, I should start up SaintsRowPlace. You could admin it. It would instantly become the number 1 fansite (no competition at all) and instead of your comments acting as flamebait to GTA fans here, they would be praised greatly by all 5 of the users it would get.

    Anyway, is that a Ford Explorer?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA. I love you Chris.

    ^ I think it's a little larger, an Expedition.

    This. It's not a Chevy, I think that's clearly a Ford logo...

  11. Regardless, at the end of the day, there should be no doubt that a PC version will be released. Seriously guys.... I don't even know what to make of people jumping to such rash conclusions based on small statements made before games are even completed. People will believe ANYTHING that is stated and then run around smacking people upside their heads for disagreeing with their obviously true facts.....

  12. Yeah, I hated Vista, but I felt very comfortable with 7, and I was testing it on quite an old machine, and it was actually running faster than XP on it. Noticeably quicker start-up even. I haven't even switched over to 7 yet, but I can see myself using it for quite a while. Eh, fuck 'em, who cares really? It's their damn product.

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  13. I think both men and women are attractive. However, I only want to have sex with a female...so what am I?

    You're straight. Your sexual preference comes down to whichever one you are sexually attracted to.

    This. Gay/Straight/Bi/Pan/etc. being SEXUAL preferences, then comes down to only what you want to have sex with. Finding the same gender attractive is just being able to appreciate a good looking guy without necessarily being turned on by them.

    About half a year ago I learned about a new sexuality, and learned that I align to it more than anything. Pansexuality.

  14. Ahhh, the Dodo, such a piece of sheer ANGER. But alas, I did manage to fly that thing all the way to the first island. You have to keep it at a proper altitude and speed so that it keeps wanting to go higher than it is, maintaining that it doesn't so you keep your momentum. You need a solid high lift-off and a good dive wouldn't hurt. I did it the same way every time. Get it rolling at top speed, then hold the stick upwards so the nose dips, and RIGHT before it starts sparking, release the stick and pull back. This shoots you up in the air. From that point it's just maintaining flight...

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