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  1. I can write with both perfect
  2. Damjan

    Early mission help :P

    it's ok
  3. Damjan

    Early mission help :P

    ArtSweet,can you pick up the savegame from the mission help topic.It's Mukensooo's where he says here is mine.please download it and pass the mission N.O.E at the flying school
  4. Damjan

    Early mission help :P

    I was just kidding.I thought that he's a cheater.That's why i didn't write the cheat
  5. Damjan

    Early mission help :P

    Try with the cheat for shooting while you're driving.the cheat will give you a crosshair for you to aim
  6. Damjan

    Mission Help

    I'm sorry but can you give me another savegame.?Because i can't pass the mission N.O.E at the air strip.Can you please give me another savegame with that mission passed?
  7. Damjan

    User tracks

    That's right
  8. Damjan

    User tracks

    The user tracks folder is in:My Documents Gta SA user files.Here you put your music.
  9. Damjan

    Mission Help

  10. Damjan

    Mission Help

    I am having problems with the mission freefall too.Can somebody help me.Give me a savegame with only this mission passed at the Caligula'sCasino P.S:I can't give you an savegame it says this to me when i try to upload it Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file
  11. Damjan

    San Andreas is getting stuck

    It's pc v1.I have used cheats and i saved the game in the beginning of the game but it didn't get stuck.I didn't put any mods.It's the mission after the cop wheels mission with woozie in las venturas
  12. Damjan

    Mission Help

    I'll try to go high
  13. Damjan

    Mission Help

    It's the one where you need to set the explosives at the dam.I got stuck in the plane.I can't jump out of it.sometimes it works but the plane explodes and the mission is FAILED
  14. Damjan

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    I would like to go to school have intelligence,strength and a speedometer.
  15. Damjan

    Need Help

    you can fly it by pressing on numpad 9 is for going up 6 is for down.to fly like crazy you need to hold 9 and 6 and go forward.you'll see sparkes.then release the 9 and 6 buttons(on the numpad)and your plane will spin forward.My record for flying is 15 sec.And also you can complete the mission by shhoting the explosive barrels.But,don't shoot them near 8 Ball.
  16. Damjan

    Favourite 4-Door Vehicle

    I have the killerkip mod so i don't know much of these cars.In the killerkip mod my favourite car is Ferrari 360 Modena bike:Yamaha R1 boat:Cuban JetMax plane:Police Plane
  17. Damjan


    Copy the crack from the folder and paste it where your GTA 3 is installed.If you have that MyTyMo nocd you need to delete the crack(first you need to put it)and then put the nocd into the folder where gta 3 is installed.Don't put any patches.If you putted one,reinstall the game and then copy the crack and the other stuff.If you can't find any nocd put the second disk and play it.
  18. Damjan

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello y'all