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  1. Happy birthday(just so you know you share the same birthday date with my mother)

  2. happy birthday :)

  3. what is with you and 'nt words? (e.g excellent, brilliant)

  4. awesome AV btw :D

  5. i realize that anthrax and liquor are bands, but ham radio?! that is a totally different thing, amateur radio, my dad is one of those so i kinda wtf'ed when i saw that.

  6. The Gerard written in your sig reminds me of some shoe maker's logo for some reason.

  7. Happy barfday

  8. If it's really your barfday today, happy birthday ;)

  9. K then.

    Just so you know im looking forward to see you as im coming to England this winter.

  10. I love you.

    Would you mind giving me the 500 GB External?

    Just because i love you.

  11. you're back that's great, more flaming again :) how you doing?

  12. You got the 4650?

  13. You came back!How are you doing?

  14. Are you planning to bring back TSOG forums?

    anytime sooner that is.

  15. Happy birthday :)


  17. although we had some bad encounters, just wanna say congratulations on the admin stick ;)

  18. REM!

    You're back, how you doing?

  19. Happy birthday!

  20. is kubuntu any good?

    i have Ubuntu.

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