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  1. haha yeah i know pc's from 3 y.o, watching my dad fuck with them etc.Also from experience with fucked up computers with failboards.

  2. would you mind asking your brother which kubuntu's better, 9.04 or 8.10?

    I've had experiences with KDE3(which is put in that 8.10, i read on their page)and it was good, just wanna know if KDE 4 is any good.

  3. can you put something to pop up whenever a new member joins and posts in the GTA IV section, not the modding, to indicate that if he wants to post for a mod, that he should post in the modding forum, not the top GTA IV forum.

  4. Thomas told me that Spaz in British means a Mentally Retarded Frealk :o

  5. + |-| () /\/\ []_ $ says:


    -       S    cooooo    tttttt (Z)       Kerryn'         iilovey... says:

    *tgtap sux

    + |-| () /\/\ []_ $ says:

    *yeah :L

          Sтεαм.        says:


  6. happy bday.

  7. your sig is cooler, but there's no border.

  8. grats on the new guitar ;)

  9. That just makes it better :P

  10. You seem a nice fellow.

  11. how much did your syncmaster cost?

  12. You still didn't tell me the name of the girl in your earlier sig...

  13. There is no noob but you.

  14. Oh, and would you mind putting this as your avatar.


  15. Happy birthday.

  16. how is my favorite admin today :P

  17. you da man when it comes to swearing, you owned those fuckers and muslims in the religion and beliefs topic, good job.

  18. your new sig, awsum.

  19. Damjan

    looks like it won't be a while till you see that topic :P

  20. Damjan

    happy bday.

  21. i know i'm retarded, my personal photo proves that :P

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