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  1. MishoM

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    Well, I'm eating some chips right now.
  2. MishoM

    How Do I Fix This?

    Yeah, on the My Computer.
  3. MishoM

    How Do I Fix This?

    You see how in that screen, the shadow of all the text isint really a shadow? It's ugly and solid and just makes all the icon's and text look damn ugly. How do I make it look like a shadow again? (And last time I asked this someone said something about the image my backround is, well that image came on my computer if your wondering...)
  4. MishoM

    How Do I Fix This?

    Damn it, nothing happened. Actually, it was already ticked. So I un-check marked it and it looked the same. Then I re-check marked it and it looked the same.
  5. MishoM

    Xbox 360 Achievements

    Every 360 game HAS to have achievements, it's required! (Seriously, I'm not kidding. Arcade games have to be smaller than 512MB to.) So this game will have achievements. I hope they have a lot of achievements for the storyline!
  6. I'm right handed. Also, when playing soccer (and other times I'm using my foot...) I kick with my right leg.
  7. I was looking around Xbox.com today and went to the page for GTAIV, it says that the game supports 720p. I was thinking this game would go up to 1080i just like every other big title but I guess not. Heres the games page on Xbox.com: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/g/grandtheftautoiv/ Look below the game's box and rating and it says "HDTV 720p". I guess this is news!
  8. MishoM

    GTAIV Only In 720p?

    I think it says "1 Player" because multiplayer hasn't really been announced.... Right?
  9. MishoM

    GTAIV Only In 720p?

    Yeah, it really does make a difference. ESPECIALLY IN DEAD RISING. Don't even attempt playing Dead Rising if you don't have an HDTV, you can't read any of the text, and if you don't read the text you'll have no idea what your doing.