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  1. wassup, bitches.

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    2. MrLlamaLlama


      Yeah man it's good. Still got around about 4 keys of that powder left, most of the strippers died in Chris' basement so we're on the down-low for now.

    3. Chris


      Zdravo Mišo!! Sup bro?

    4. MishoM


      not much my dood, hows life with yourself? i need to download MSN or whatevs you're using now lol, Skype or whatever to chat a bit!

  2. Thanks :-) Good to know there are some Arctic Monkeys fans here!

  3. yep, go right ahead mate. it's MrdiggLive

    i normally only play fifa 09, and usually that's private matches and stuff, but go ahead. :)

  4. sure mate, it's MrdiggLive

    i don't play much, pretty much all i play is fifa 09 to be honest.

  5. Lets go drinking together cousin!

  6. Hey man, not much, you?

  7. Yup they're so awesome.

  8. Hey there bossman!

  9. MishoM

    Happened today, and thank you!

  10. MishoM

    Yes I did! :)

  11. I added you as well. :)

  12. Haha, thanks dude! :)

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