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  1. IHateEverything

    Problem with updated 1.0.678.1 Addon Cars

    We do not encourage pirated things in this forum. Please do not post that stuff here.
  2. IHateEverything

    Special moments in GTA V - 2015 Highlights

    Holly shit! So cool! Wish I could do stuff like this
  3. IHateEverything

    GTA V Textures/Colors Problem

    That looks really weird. Have you tried reinstalling GTA V? It might be a problem with your GPU settings. Set them to default and run the game.
  4. IHateEverything

    GTA V PC crash

    Reinstall GTA V or recheck the files of GTA 5. This solved the problem for me.
  5. IHateEverything

    Looking for Military crew to join

    LCCS looks cool. I'll contact you!
  6. IHateEverything

    Probably the the most epic GTA V video yet...

    Really cool. Will check it out
  7. IHateEverything

    nothing new

    Damn! Looks awesome!
  8. IHateEverything

    Where to you meet Packie in GTA 5?

    GTA 5 has been so great! Really looking forward to the next one
  9. IHateEverything

    GTA SA Sex Scenes

    See, I have been playing gta since 2007 and I have completed the game several times and 2 times without any cheats or mods but still I have got 100s of mods. My favourite is hot coffee mod. There is also a mod I made named better nuder strippers. I want you to post naked girls pic in gta 5,4,SA and in real life.
  10. IHateEverything

    Deleted Things from SA

    There was also a option in GTA SA that enabled us to open up all the clothes of girls on road which was deleted and hot coffee mod was deleted also a mission was deleted named "Girls are Sexy". In this mission we had to see a girl naked and get a quick pic of her ..