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  1. Freestyle185

    GTA IV Special Edition Images

    no, not worth it im just getting the game.
  2. Freestyle185

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    C'mon it's all stupid. there is no paranormal stuff in gta sa so just stop it, on this wild goose chase and go on another one. oh yea. cant wait for GTA IV trailer tomorrow
  3. Freestyle185

    A song I wrote...

    That was weird... I don't know what to say ... ? Chinese,lemon headed bicycles ..wtf ???
  4. Freestyle185

    What are you listening to right now?

    Muse --- Starlight S.O.A.D --- B.Y.O.B Muse --- hysteria
  5. Freestyle185

    GTA San Andreas:Weird Things

    Dude stop searching for something that does not exist. tiz no yeti tiz no u.f.o tiz no ghosts tiz no shark, i think anyway... tiz no leather face. its all rubbish. the only thing paranormal in gta is ghost planes ghost cars zombie peds ( only when u take them in the pay an spray). and all the other easter eggs you can find. other than that IT'S ALL CRAP ! STOP MAKING THESE STUPID TOPICS PLEASE !
  6. Chris?

    When are you going to add the dude from gta vice city stories to

    tgtap banner .?...?

  7. Freestyle185


    I don't reckon you should do it really but thats just me. i haven't got a ds or gba so id keep em. but seriously it's up to you.
  8. hey, thanks for the quote. ill have a bundle of animations on you tube soon.

  9. Freestyle185

    What are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing G.T.A lcs on the ps2. oh yea wat do u think of this. its my first gif animated pivot. click to view...
  10. Freestyle185

    SA:MP Updated to v0.2.1

    Is it anygood then s a:m p? coz ive been wanting to try it .
  11. Just saw your 1st stunting vid and i must say.. impressed

  12. Freestyle185

    I feel there will be snow

    gently caress YOU, its the 21st Century, Dumbass! *ahem* You should eat you r hat for that little doozie anyhow.... hehe I still think there will be snow, but maybe only in a mission or 2, but it'll be very well done all the same. oops y daisy. But im glad you agree, what with all this new tech we've got. im sure it wont be a problem to add snow. Btw my hat was especially deliciouses.
  13. Freestyle185

    1UP Yours Podcast Confirms 3 Trailers

    Wow ... sooner or later were gonna see these trailer's on the telly. Just think about it ...
  14. Freestyle185

    Yahoo! Games with Exclusive GTA IV Content

    nah they lies.
  15. Freestyle185

    I feel there will be snow

    oh come on TDOG its the 20th centuary. if there isn't any snow in Gta IV then i'll eat my hat.
  16. Freestyle185

    GTA IV Trailer #2 - Coming June 28th

    First post EVER !!!! Oh yea ... Well if you ask me i think this trailer will either be something about going to meet roman and being realy mad OR Niko belic going off to get killed by some dealers ... if its the girlfriends then i will be realy pissed off !!