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  1. Whats with you & my avatar?


  2. Why am I so naturally pale?

  3. And I just realized you called me lame...what? Im so not lame.

    ... dirty jew boy...

  4. So yeah, I stayed home. Im bored so hurry up and get on. ;)

  5. You better really mean it. Like I really -oppositeofhate- you. <3

  6. Well Im sorry, I didn't see you on when I was here so I figured you went to sleep. Then you message me like one minut later and I had already left. Now Im sad.

  7. Don't ever leave me like that again, jerk. haha <3 ;)

  8. If I become a creamsicle what are you gonna be?

  9. Your God- My God? Like, "MY GOD HES SEXY!?"

  10. Same.

    Nothing new on here, right?

  11. Glad to know I interest you so much. <3

  12. I bet it's gonna look real nice. ;)

  13. oh, congradulations, Sky. you've won the biggest dork award. So how dose it feel to win for being a loser? haha!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Party hardy, man!!

  15. Nothing much...

    How 'bout you?