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  1. Damn, I made that post a year ago? I thought it was this year.
  2. You can clearly use the 'add gallery' button. And yeah, Sprint is right.
  3. What Computer Will You Have in 2035?

    We both know Apple is the best in terms of OS. And Windows is slightly lagged by the fact that Macs are suitable for works.
  4. A little survey

    So, is it developed yet?
  5. What Computer Will You Have in 2035?

    I'm going for Microsoft Windows as this OS is currently top of the noch. I might even buy a Mac OS if possible.
  6. Heck yeah, a movie! Finally!

    It is not connected with Rockstar Games. False info given by the owner of this thread.
  7. What Multiplayer Mod do you think is the best?

    Totally agreed. I don't know why players try to compare MTA:SA with SA-MP. MTA:SA is no match for SA-MP whatsoever.

    IDK. Ask the owner.
  9. SA-N New Multiplayer

    Yeah, the link is invalid.
  10. San Andreas Multiplayer Help Thread

    Yeah, SAMI is a stupid mod installer. I like installing mods the traditional way.
  11. SAMP Server help?

    Yeap, it's working.
  12. Cretaceous Runner new patch

    What the heck did I just see?
  13. What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    But still, you gotta admin GTA III is kinda fun somtimes. Like there police system. I find LCPD a lot funny.
  14. What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    LOL, but still there's a fact. GTA III wasn't developed with that much of ideas for sure.