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  1. When I first saw this news, I imediatly thought of this place, this could be the comeback we've been wanting. But yeah, super excited for the trailer haha.
  2. Ivan

    Favorite actress?

    Natalie Portman and Catherine Deneuve.
  3. Ivan

    RIP GTA3Freak-2001

    Tuner, dude are you fucking serious? Sorry to hear about what happened to the man, seems like he will be missed.
  4. Ivan

    Funny topic : Do you think girls play GTA games?

    It's more about who's a real girl and who's a guy pretending to be a girl to get attention. Gay men on the internet don't refer to themselves as a she, most of the times. I think.
  5. You really do find the strangest people in the bus.

  6. Ivan

    Scariest horror game ever played?

    Silent hill 2 for sure, now way I'm playing it at night with headphones on again.
  7. Ivan

    One of my friends are being bullied on Youtube.

    When exposing yourself out there, in real life or in the internet, there's always certain risks to counterbalance potencial benefits, you can't have everything, she needs to know that. I'm not the biggest fan of just staying quiet but if these people are teasing her for being autistic then they don't even deserve an answer, you can't reason with folks like that.
  8. Anyone still doing sigs around here?

    1. Ivan


      A black and white sig of Layne Staley from AIC, saying "I guess I could go anywhere I want, if only I knew where to go." If you could try something like that I'd appreciate it man.

    2. EvoLuTioN


      Cool.. Will try something on Sunday, bit busy atm.

    3. Ivan


      Thanks man, won't be able to see it though cause I'm going away tomorrow for a week. So don't think I ignored you or something because I didn't like your work,haha.

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  9. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Was playing New Vegas till my 360 died. Now I'm relaxing with fight night champion until Catherine arrives. Was playing New Vegas till my 360 died. Now I'm relaxing with fight night champion until Catherine arrives.
  10. Wow, keep up with the immature responses.
  11. I'm not making anything personal man. I used decent arguments that didn't come from my ridiculous fanboyism and hatred for other people's opinion, unlike you. And I sure as hell didn't give a bad rep to anyone who had a different point of view than mine.
  12. In their introduction, they clearly state that they don't take into account the review scores. And regardless of their influence on the industry, they're still human, they can get it wrong sometimes you know. What I find funny is that you say they're wrong simply because they have a different opinion, as if yours was so perfect.
  13. Awesome post haha, I'm definitely trying to do this. But being a year out because of my back and smoking and all the late nights are making it pretty difficult for me to exercise again, for example.
  14. You do realize the flashlight only serves to make them appear in their fleshy form? You need guns to actually kill them and progress in the game. But what do I know right? It's much better to jump to conclusions rather than you know...actually checking shit out before you open your mouth.
  15. Say what you will about Heavy Rain but Alan Wake is most definitely a game.
  16. Ivan

    Hacker group takes down lots of websites

    Just saw their twitter, boy these guys are pathetic. Thinking they're something big just because they can hack shit from their mom's basement.
  17. Just finished The Darkness, what a fantastic gem.

  18. Ivan

    Martial Arts

    I would like to, not just because of learning how to defend myself but also because I hear the vibe i those places is pretty cool.
  19. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Biutiful- Alejandro González Iñárritu does it again, amazing movie. Probably one of my favourite directors now. Waking Life- Very odd but great movie about life, dreams, a bunch of philosophy shit, pretty inspiring.
  20. Shit, that would be awesome, thanks man.

  21. I've been looking for some headphones specificaly for Music/Movies, I searched around but I don't know shit so I figured someone here could help. Found out this one at amazon uk, sounds awesome. Btw, anything higher than 60 or 70 euros or whatever might be a bit too much.
  22. Okay, it's cool.

    A female psychiatrist with a desire for fashion that isn't repressed at all. The sentence you posted didn't make exact sense but I figure this was the point.

  23. College humor + stoned= dangerous

    1. Ivan


      Seriously, I thought I was gonna die laughing. Jake and amir are awesome.

    2. Nate10


      Made the 'o.o' faces pretty baked. college humor + weed sounds hilarious though. will have to try it

    3. Ivan


      Tell me how it went after you do it, haha.

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  24. Ivan


    Ambient maybe? I don't really know those styles haha.