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  1. Nailed my philosophy test today, awesome.

    1. Nate10


      Damn. a philosophy class. wish we had one of those in my high school.

    2. Ivan


      yeah, it's not as great as it seenms, we just memorize stupid shit. we don't have cool discussions or anything.

    3. Nate10


      Oh. Still haha. Sounds better than memorizing other shit.

  2. Ivan

    Hitman 5: Absolution

    Awesome, I really digged Blood money and would love to play the sequel.
  3. Ivan

    Blu Ray Titles 2 Watch

    I would love to watch Kubrick's Space Odissey in blu ray quality.
  4. Ivan

    Soccer TALK

    Liverpool played really badly against Braga. And I hate Braga so that's a shame. Benfica started the season in super shitty form, making us lose lots of points and eventually the championship but right now we're playing really well, even though the players are kinda tired. But yeah, being at Estadio Da Luz will be amazing, everyone cheering, the stadium full of red, it's gonna be beautiful, I normally don't go there cuz it's in Lisbon and I hate to travel there and then there's school but this time's different.
  5. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Watched Black Swan 2 days ago and fuck, what a movie. They should do a fucking statue out of Natalie Portman.
  6. Ivan

    Favourite Song

    Currently, it's Polaris by Zero7.
  7. Ivan

    Soccer TALK

    The Europa League is getting interesting, 3 portuguese teams could be in the semi finals, it would be amazing. Benfica got a decent draw, PSV is completely manageable and I'll be goint to Lisboa to see the first leg, and if we go all the way to the finals then I'll watch all of it live, hopefully, things like these don't happen often so I gotta seize the opportunity.
  8. Ivan

    Closing TGTAP's network sites

    It makes sense really, but maybe if the situation changes the sites could be brought back.
  9. Ivan

    Looking for Headphones

    I would try out in a store but I suppose I can't buy them there though, prices are insane here. Yeah, I'll check costumer reviews and all that, thanks guys. I looked into that one Llama and it's got a major price cut, used to £89 and now it's 58. Plus it's got great reviews. It appears to have 2 "problems" though, a weak bass( or maybe normal ) and some issue with listening at more than 75% volume on your ipod or mp3.
  10. I do not want to imagine the day you encounter a serious problem, you'll go batshit insane bro.
  11. Ivan


    Yeah, it's really long, like 40 hours or something. It's pretty epic. It never gets old though, at least for me.
  12. Ivan

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome everyone, let's try and get shit back on track, it's possible if everyone steps up.
  13. Ivan


    Underbelly season 1 is an Australian TV series based on the real 10 year gang war that haunted the country with an impressive body count. Also there's a book( boo ). I've only watched season 1, it's like 13 episodes long. There's another 3 seasons but they're not as good as the first from what I hear, plus they aren't about this 10 year gang war. It has a great atmosphere, really gritty and shit. It's really a great crime drama, if you're itching for something new after watching the Sopranos, this could be your solution. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Underbelly-Complete-Season-1-DVD/dp/B001B1G6O6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1299625164&sr=8-1 Pretty cheap in the UK so if you're in Europe, it's a good buy. I know I haven't exactly build a compelling case but I urge you to search past this topic, it's pretty great and I personally recommend it for what it's worth.
  14. Ivan

    Soccer TALK

    Mourinho back would be amazing for Chelsea, depends on how this season with Madrid goes. Tonight's match, Arsenal vs Barcelona was kind of disappointing, it was being a good game until the ref unecessarily gave Van Persie a red card, it's a shame. Was hoping to see Arsenal moving on.
  15. Ivan

    GTA V Cast leaked?

    Awesome, really got me hyped for some reason, even if it may not be true.
  16. Ivan

    What Movie Did You Last Watch?

    Garden state. It's Zach Braff's( JD from Scrubs) first film I think. I got it just out of love for Scrubs but it's genuinely a great fucking film. Awesome performance by Zach and Natalie Portman, very funny and dramatic at the same time, cool story, really wel filmed with some great photography and a nice soundtrack. I really recommend it, it was inspirational for me. Next I'm gonna watch Trainspotting, been avoiding it for way too long.
  17. Ivan

    Soccer TALK

    Yeah, Chelsea needs them to get back on top. Awesome attack with Torres and Drogba.
  18. Ivan

    Soccer TALK

    yEAH, it's insane man. 35 mil for carrol is just ridiculous even though he's a great young striker. Also David Luiz signed for Chelsea for 20 mil plus 5 mil depending on his performance and N. Matic comes to benfica. Ir's good money but my Benfica is definitely going to be weaker now.
  19. Ivan

    The next PSP: Playstation NGP (codename)

    Sony should go for a real portable device, this is basically a home console you can take to the bathroom. Nintendo knows this and that's why they sold so much DSs. And something this powerfull has to be really expensive, I hope the price tag won't be like when the PS3 first came out.
  20. Ivan

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome man, hope you fit in and enjoy the place.
  21. Ivan

    The next PSP: Playstation NGP (codename)

    Fuck, if they can get a good price on it, it'll be the shit. I'd also love to see them releasing some PS2 collections for it, playing SA and Vice city on my PSP, actually NGP, would be awesome.
  22. Ivan

    Stealin' for Livin'

    I think you'd have to put yourself in the same place as dudes who haven't eaten for days and don't have an home to understand shit. I really can't blame them for stealing some food or something if they're in that position.
  23. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    MGS1 on the PSP, I always like playing this game again.
  24. Ivan

    Favorite Movies

    El Topo is amazing, anyone seen it here? Definitely one of my favourite movies.
  25. Ivan

    After Schooling...

    I've smoked through an entire week then spent 2 weeks clean, I just don't feel addicted and I'm sure I'm not.