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  1. Guys,I´m pretty sure Niko will be a more deep character than the others-

    Reasons to believe Niko´s russian:

    -When you hear eastern Europe>Russian

    -Stereotypical accent>Russian

    -Stereotypical look>Russian

    -Russia themed music in trailer music and scenes

    Reasons to believe Niko´s not Russian,instead possibly Yugoslav

    -The name,Nikolai is russian,but Bellic isn´t,names ending with ic are extremely common in Balkan.

    -"Zdravo Burazeru" is "Hi Brother/cousin" in Bosnian,although with a slightly different accent,much used by people from Sarajevo,the capital of Bosnia.

    - From an Interview with OXM: You've talked about picking culturally different neighbourhoods. Can you reveal any of the gang cultures apart from the Russians? Dan Houser(!): I can't reveal gangs too much yet, but one of the things that appealed to us about a) this character (who isn't actually Russian, he's from Eastern Europe) [...]

    Now you GOTTA believe one of the creators of Rockstar Games right ?

    *Off topic: What are those "dollars" under your join date ?

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