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Status Updates posted by NotYouHaha

  1. Got myself the GTA pack on steam and I can now play GTA 4 on my laptop on low low settings.

  2. Of course. I do have MW2 and I just got my PS3 several weeks ago so my friends list is quite short. Just remember that my ID is NYHH- with the dash/hyphen.

  3. Hey what's your id on Combat Arms? I started playing again a week ago after finding nothing to do.

    My id's NYHH btw.

  4. What Mpilk said.

    Awesome idea, dude.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, bud. I've got a few thing to put on my about me page. :)

  6. Not bad, there's a fire on the street next to us, and just browsing the internetz. Nothing much. I gotta try monster sledging though.

  7. I'm confused, but I assume it's a greeting of some sort. Hi. :D

  8. Yeah, I stuffed all the meat I could've in there.

    Took examples from the others, so people COULD take mine and improve and etc.

  9. Lol, thanks. I couldn't ever test it for sure. I'll change it when I can.

  10. No thanks, I was always happy with this one and I'm staying that way. I would if I had any GFX work, but I don't.

  11. Awesome sig you got there! It looks spectacular!

  12. Thanks! I guess it's just to sorta moderate the server and keep the server under control. There's a topic in the Gang Rebirth forum if you didn't notice.

  13. Yup, always a good game. Looking forward to the next. :)

  14. Huh? I don't think I did. I think I remember someone else saying that. Not sure who it was though.

  15. Ok, I'm not running a modified GTA:SA, although I do run SA:MP from the same directory. Is that a problem?

    Also, I just realized that you're doing this because of yesterday in-game, and thanks.

  16. I'm not having problems with MTA, but thanks anyways. I was playing yesterday if you didn't notice. :) Good job on the server!

  17. Happy Birthday!

  18. Lulz, you change your name so often!

  19. I see, people get busy sometimes. Well, off to some SA:MP!

  20. Lol, I still like it, and there's no real reason to be changing it (besides it being old).

  21. Lol, it's so short, I thought it'd be a montage of swinging.

    Anyways, nice job.

  22. Cool, but it doesn't really matter.

    I just read it's about the swings... sweeet!

  23. Oooo.. gimme a link when you're done!

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