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  1. Respect


    sweet cars dudes
  2. Respect

    GTA 1 or 2 On GBA

    i dont really care
  3. Respect

    favourite car?

    my favourite car is the Diablo Stallion the flames on it makes it look
  4. Respect

    what do you do

    In my spare time i go on the internet, play on my ps2 mostly mgs3 or watch t.v
  5. Respect

    Coke Vs. pepsi

    my fav is Pepsi
  6. Respect


    yer its a wicked idea please do it
  7. Respect

    mc donolds vs burgerking

    i prefer mcdonalds the fries and cheese burgers taste so good
  8. Respect

    Whats your fave sport.

    yer same here my fav sport is basketball aswell
  9. Respect

    GTA PSP Box Art

    nice box art
  10. Respect

    your favourite gang .

    The Mafia
  11. Respect


    welcome to the gta place Ar-v4.
  12. Respect

    Your favourite gta wanabee

    the getaway
  13. Respect

    Best game of the last 5 years?

    MGS Rulez
  14. Respect

    My Age

    yer same here kippers
  15. Respect

    Secret pic's

    yer thats wat i thought aswell
  16. Respect

    Prostitutes Pay You Cheat

    kool another cheat i will try that wen i go back on sanandreas
  17. Respect

    Your Favourite Area?

    my favourite place is los santos
  18. Respect


    my best low-riders are the slamvan and the remington
  19. Respect

    Best GTA... Old Skool

    GTA2 is the best old skool gta cause of its kool graphics and missions
  20. Respect

    Favorite gang

    i like the loonies the best
  21. Respect

    Teaser Trailer Finished

    nice trailer mvi totally kool
  22. yer mine is welcome to the jungle aswell
  23. Respect

    "Pimp My Ride"!, Car contest

    nice ride Spasmodically_Insane