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  1. Hello Chris dude. :]

  2. Hey guys, just to let you all know before you start asking me to come on MSN...

    I have a big problem with signing in, I cannot download WLM, so I try using Windows Messenger 5.1 but it wont sign me in. I may be offline for a few months not sure when I can be arsed to fix it. :P

  3. NSanityHD

    Slight Gang Problem

    Ah, OK. What will we be using for Gangs etc?
  4. NSanityHD

    CSS ZM Banner Request

    Oh Llama, now that's fucking fantastic! Thank you!
  5. NSanityHD

    CSS ZM Banner Request

    Hmm, it seems as they changed their server to a match server, not ZM. I'd like to change it then. Since I used my loving ban hammer on a stupid Swedish twat that kept spawn zombifying for 48 hours, they banned me lol. Fuck em eh? I'd like to change the name to: TeamCSS, and with no zombie in. CSS CT and Ts are easy to find on Google Images, if you don't mind looking for some. I can't found any that suites my liking. Maybe Tox, or you can Llama. -Ice.
  6. NSanityHD

    Congratulations Earthbound! New gang supervisor

    Ah god, another Moderator! Teehee just kidding. Congrats Earthbound! -Ice
  7. NSanityHD

    CSS ZM Banner Request

    Still want it please.
  8. NSanityHD

    ADSL Wireless Router Help?

    That'd be a problem with either your setup configurations or your Routers Signal Adapter. Make sure you have put in your Wireless PCI Adapters in correct. Make sure you screw your Wireless card into your PC under the Dial-up socket. Unfortunately I cannot help anymore on MSN because I can't signin on any Messenger software. P.S: I have TeamViewer though.
  9. NSanityHD

    ADSL Wireless Router Help?

    No problem dude!
  10. NSanityHD

    ADSL Wireless Router Help?

    Scott, your most better to upgrade to TalkTalk, and get a new SP, like SP2 or something. Go in your Routers Admin interface (type your Routers IP) then your password and look at the settings for Wireless. If you have a NETGEAR DG834 Router then follow these steps: In the Setup category go to "Wireless Settings" you should see a page of settings. Name (SSID): Your NETWORK name (Ex: NETGEAR) Region: Europe (or what ever yours is) Channel: 06 Mode: g & b Wireless Access Point Enable Wireless Access Point: Yes (tick) Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) Yes (tick) Wireless Isolation - Leave UN-ticked. If selected then unselect this Security Options Disable <-- Tick this WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) WPA-802.1x Click Apply. If you need any more help just re-post or PM me. -Ice
  11. NSanityHD

    EventScripts for CS:S

    Hello all. I thought to make this topic because many like Counter-Strike: Source, many code scripts/addons for EventScripts. Why don't we post our EventScripts picture of our scripts, eh? This is mine, I only started doing ES scripts again today, out of 2 years.
  12. NSanityHD

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    Hey, sorry Jab but I had to bump this. Is this mod still in production and what are the persentage stats of it's completion? -Ice
  13. NSanityHD

    What PS do you use?

    Topic title says it all. What PS do you use?
  14. NSanityHD

    GTA IV installation error always at END!

    Sorry rumtillidie, but The GTA Place does not give any support to pirated GTA players. You'd need to go and buy the full game from a games shop, or buy online. Here are 2 links to buy it. PC version @ £24.99. PC version @ $46.99. -Ice.
  15. NSanityHD

    2008 Forum Award Categories

    Maybe. Why, are you offering me one. ?
  16. NSanityHD

    Thomas' Graphics Showcase

    Wow nice sigs Thomas. Ah the good ol' times, eh?
  17. NSanityHD

    2008 Forum Award Categories

    Hmm..how about Most Annoying Member?
  18. Damnit dude! Why!? =(

  19. NSanityHD

    Switch Designs is asking for your support!

    Wow. How sad SD...I can't escape the feeling you will not find a better GTA fan site then TGTAP. OK, I agree if you think the Moderators are a little too strict on the forum, but hell, they should be strict on a site that has more then 15,000 members on. We loved your work and we appreciated your work of mods for the GTA games you modded with, but is no reason to make a duplicate account just to be aggressive. You should know already that silly members like that will get warned/suspended and/or banned. But hell, I loved your mods though! But why do this? I mean what started this foolish act of what you did? Dude I feel sorry for both you and TGTAP now. Your mods where great. They was a good thing for TGTAP and now to see them disappear from the Downloads section is not good. Good luck finding a different GTA fan site that is well respected and loved like this one! -Ice EDIT: Oh, he's banned. EDIT #2: Oh, he's unbanned and back in the Members group.
  20. NSanityHD

    ExplosiveFX Mod BETA

    Very nice. Poor Niko hit his face on that building in the second beta video. Good job.
  21. NSanityHD

    TM's GFX Studio

    Oh Thank you thank you thank you!! I love these. The Ice one is in my sig straight away, the KEL one is on my site sig, and the ComRadKeL one is on all the other forums I use ComRadKeL name on. Thanks mate! -Ice
  22. NSanityHD

    TGTAP Downloads Database v1.0

    IP.Downloads. IP.Downloads System from IPS has a comment section, but the DB here is better to use and/or download things.
  23. NSanityHD

    TGTAP Downloads Database v1.0

    So what exactly are you doing Chris? Are you doing another version of the Downloads Database, with more features etc?
  24. NSanityHD

    First GTA IV mods appearing online

    Nice! Will GTA IV have the GTA IV text font for download too, like the other GTAs?
  25. NSanityHD

    Happy bday chris82 and Lonewolf !

    Chris loves his Futurama. That thing looks awesome.