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  1. NSanityHD

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    I'm not sure if it is illegal actually. But my guess is they contacted R* for permission to do it. But I actually doubt it is illegal, after all...your editing the files to make the game better and fun.
  2. NSanityHD

    WIP: Tenpenny Stories

    I'm very pleased your continuing with your project JAB! Keep up the good work.
  3. NSanityHD

    WIP: City Crimes

    Very nice Claude. I have to see this mod in production dude!
  4. Che cosa รจ tutto questo allora?
  5. NSanityHD

    GTA sa cops backup

    Yes, but cheating can fuck your game progress up. So use cheats are your own games risk.
  6. Yeah. At my school they have this web based filter called "Smart Web Filter Bess Edition". All sites like gaming sites etc are banned. Only maths science english PE, RE etc sites are allowed. Non education sites are all restricted.
  7. NSanityHD

    I can't download

    Same. I think Chris messed his coding up again. He'll fix it when he comes on I think.
  8. NSanityHD

    GTA IV PC Trailer Released!

    Yeah, I can't wait for this! I think the video looks better in HD.
  9. NSanityHD

    Just A Prob

    Then there must be something wrong with a file you edited. Reinstall your game and remove your SA from the registry.
  10. NSanityHD


    Clear your browsers cache and cookies, restart it. Then try logging in again.
  11. NSanityHD

    Just A Prob

    Confused Child, like Dark Lord said, did you Rebuild your Archive. Then you ask how. Ok, I'll show you. Look at the attachment. Once you've finished modding before you close the tool click "Commands" then click Rebuild Archive. (Look at the attachment).
  12. NSanityHD

    GTA SA New Easter Egg

    Erm, OK...I don't know what to say really apart from fail?
  13. NSanityHD

    Vice City Trivia

    Rating: ?????? What about that one?
  14. NSanityHD


    Shows that space on mine too.
  15. NSanityHD

    Roar again

    Thanks Kel, and nice sig too!! Obviously. You made it. Nah. Only for me. Sorry Don.
  16. NSanityHD

    Vice City Trivia

    500000 - Godfather. Name 1 place where you can get an M4 at Prawn Island.
  17. NSanityHD

    Roar again

    Nice stunt video Toxic. I like it how you got on the porch at the Hospital. 10/10
  18. NSanityHD

    Vice City Trivia

    You can recruit up to 3 bodyguards at your Estate in Starfish Island and you have unlimited ammo, and get the "I completed Vice City outfit (Frankie) (I think)
  19. NSanityHD

    IPB 2.3.6 upgrade (spam bot prevention etc.)

    Nice update Chris. How come most of the bans are Unknown?
  20. NSanityHD

    Missed call?

    Just walk around a little or just stay in one place, or maybe go beat someone up. They will call you back.
  21. NSanityHD

    Was this A real cutscene or fake?

    Definitely fake. Why did Hernandez kill Pendlebury anyway?
  22. NSanityHD

    My New Banner !

    WARNING!: Rule number 3 VIOLATED! Reporting...report complete. ...fucking noob. Check the goddamn rules! RULES
  23. NSanityHD

    whats ur fav island?

    I think Staunton Island. That's the most best and interesting Island of them all.
  24. NSanityHD

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Steal the Body Harvester for Truth. What is the name of the cop who got killed 10 minutes before Tenpenny and Pulaski dropped CJ off in Ballas territory?
  25. NSanityHD

    How was Google before...

    Never really noticed. Google is just the same to me. Boring good search engine Google!