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    Happy birthday Spaz the great

    I believe Spaz is a girl? Happy birthday Spaz. Have a great day. Sorry for being late.
  2. NSanityHD

    please read

    I cant remember where the disk is. And cant buy new disk because im saving for Gta4. I just need the jetpack files from gta 3.img, Please. I can give u steps if u want them Then if you cannot "remember" where the disc is then how are you playing? if your using a cracked version then buy the game. Here, read this and read this one.
  3. Ok, so I was doing the mission "Toreno's last Flight" so I decided to call this topic "Mike Toreno's last day to live!". I killed him (finally) and his Helicopter, unfortunately for him and his friends they did not survive the destruction of their Helicopter. I used that Headseeking Rocket launcher and launched 4 rockets at the Helicopter on the freeway, but they missed them, instead it hit the lamp post. So I followed and launched 4 rockets again down at the Country-Side and got them! I took a picture with the Camera of the Helicopter, with Mike, and his shooters dead, I checked the folder and looked, but I forgot to press L1 (PS2 controller), I pressed O (Circle) instead. It was so strange how they landed though. Do you guys/girls have any pictures of the "Toreno's Last Flight" mission? Why not post them in here? -Ice
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    We don't find that amusing at all. The fact you used "Capitals". And the "Capitals" sometimes or does look like your shouting, and demanding. All of these trainers in the downloads database are found as a virus when you download it. It's suppose to be for your game not infect your PC. Think on before posting and demanding shit to be deleted etc.
  5. NSanityHD

    how do i patch

    Rules 100+ points for TM.
  6. NSanityHD


    No. I don't have that mod, I have a different one. I have done a bit of modding for my game so It's better then the default/original gameplay. I have taken a few camera photo's with my Camera and I will unload them here. Any suggestions of witch other nice good cars I could install, I'd be appreciated if you could post links to them. My Police car and Aston Martin Vanquish. Police car back. Police car back, more view. Police car, sideways. (left) Above my Police car for the roof. Again, above the car with more view. Side of my Police car. Side again, looking at the 911 sign. Full view of my Police car. Like the wheels? Front end of the Police car. Looking at the interior inside the Police car. Front of the Police car, looking at the bumper. Full view at the Police car. Birds eye view, of my Vanquish. Back of my Vanquish. Back again, but with a little more view. At the side of my Vanquish. I love the color Blue. Front of my Vanquish. I know your liking this car even when you look at it! -Ice
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    Happy Birthday Noodle!

    A little late sorry dude. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day OGTAM!
  8. NSanityHD

    Help me!

    Welcome to The GTA Place BiZZaRE. Please read the Forum Rules. Locate your "GTAVC User Files" folder in "My Documents". Place your files in there, then start the game up.
  9. NSanityHD

    Its Butchers Birthday !

    Happy 19th birthday Butcher. Have a great birthday you big evil thing!
  10. NSanityHD

    Milestone Posts

    @ Nate: Oh, I didn't see his join date.
  11. NSanityHD

    Milestone Posts

    Rappo, welcome to The GTA Place, I forgot to welcome you also. And 25 is not a milestone, I don't think. It's: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and so on.
  12. NSanityHD

    Happy birthday TOXIC!

    Happy late birthday TOXIC, sorry I didn't see this Yesterday.
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    What's SAK? And yeah, I installed an effects mod. Nice pictures. I never see that big plane flying.
  14. Chris, it might be an idea to allow the Xfire P/F to be shown in Topic view, like XBL and the other one.
  15. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...ODE=dname_start
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    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Mount Chiliad in Whetstone, San Fransisco.
  17. NSanityHD

    Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    Big Z, I believe It's your turn to name something dude.
  18. NSanityHD

    Image Lodge Problem

    Is it me or is there something wrong with ImageLodge? Every few days it seems to not allow me to go on it, and my images hosted by it do not appear on other sites.
  19. NSanityHD

    Image Lodge Problem

    Ahh, ok. Thanks S-V. Just wondering why my images that are uploaded on there are sometimes not showing.
  20. NSanityHD

    Missing Island...

    I think it'd be much much more better with that missing Island. And I wish the game wouldn't crash when theres no water anywhere...why does SA actually NEED water?
  21. NSanityHD


    Wow! Please tell me how to get that Nissan Skyline? http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/4107/gallery9jg1.jpg
  22. NSanityHD

    Need Help ASAP

    That's not very helpful σαмε. Nissan, download CCleaner and scan your registry for invalid registry entries. Also remember to do everything Gerard said above. Once you have removed the registry, check Regedit (Registry Editor) (Start > Run regedit) and find the Rockstar Games directory (if there) and remove it. Restart your PC and try re-installing again.
  23. NSanityHD

    SAMP 0.2.5 Coming Soon

    Of Course I am for real. I'm not a bot am I...? Or am I?
  24. NSanityHD

    Need Help ASAP

    Perhaps you'd like to consider spam spamming? Posting 4 times in your topic is not going to help you with your situation Nissan_Skyline_GTR_R34.