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  1. HostName: l Matt's Smoke Shop l The GodFather l Address: Players: 0 / 100 Ping: 166 Mode: The Godfather: LS/SF Map: San Andreas My friends SA server. Come play!
  2. NSanityHD


    ...in the head
  3. NSanityHD

    Your favorite snack

    Ooo, Orange Juice is 'very nice' as Borat would say. I generally have for my breakfast these: I also have milk chocolate bars aswell.
  4. NSanityHD

    Adding Forum

    Have you tried iPBFree.com?
  5. NSanityHD

    4 GB USB Pen Issue

    That's exactly what might have happened. When I first put on Back | Track 3 I had to delete 3 partitions using Linux's Terminal Konsole and create 3 partitions again. But I clicked format on windows so it should have went back to 4 GB. :/ When I first got it, it was 4GB. I haven't been ripped off or anything, I just have a problem with this 1GB thing.
  6. NSanityHD

    4 GB USB Pen Issue

    Yeah, thanks Sherman, unfortunately it didn't work. I don't know what else to try.
  7. NSanityHD

    4 GB USB Pen Issue

    What's wrong with NTFS? On the format option it only has FAT and FAT.
  8. NSanityHD

    4 GB USB Pen Issue

    I tried formatting with FAT but still it has 1 GB.
  9. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    Not sure yet as I am at College mate. I will see when I get home, plus I have to finish with the re-upload of Central-Gaming's FTP files. We will see later tonight.
  10. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    Hey everyone. I just re-installed my GTA San Andreas it is cracked. I cannot play well because of the lag. I did have 64 MB of memory for my drivers then I changed it to 256.0 MB of memory still no help. It is a PCI Express (I think) and I cannot find a good graphics driver for it. I have had this really old driver for a long time now and I feel the issue is because of an out-dated shit driver that has gone way out-of-date with my NVIDIA drivers. Can anyone provide me with a better driver to install for GTA San Andreas so I can play again. Thanks.
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    Very nice pictures. I'll get some soon!
  12. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    Thanks guys! The help is much appreciated.
  13. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    You don't understand. I've had this intigrated drivers now for 2 years and NO lag at all. The game runs perfectly, and I don't even have the minimum requirements. I have 650 MB of RAM (256.0 MB on the drivers). I have kind of lost the old driver update I had before when the game ran perfectly. Maybe It's my big resolution.
  14. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    Your wish came true. I'll try downloading the drivers now. Thanks.
  15. NSanityHD

    Graphics Driver Issue

    I did it via BIOS. I have an intigrated graphics driver. Come on SV you knew that.
  16. NSanityHD

    I'm Sorry!

    Nice to see you changed your attitude Maco. Just post quality and useful etc posts and you'll do fine!
  17. NSanityHD

    Person Least Likely to Get Laid

    It's quite simple, he reproduces asexually. Wow wouldn't you know it Llama! I've seen it. And I'm pretty sure I voted Chris. However..... I can change these numbers for ya. You devil Spaz!
  18. NSanityHD

    Vigilante Justice Mod

    Yeah, right now It's looking good mate! Can't wait for it to be fully finished and released.
  19. NSanityHD

    Person Least Likely to Get Laid

    Unless I get more votes! Muahaha.
  20. NSanityHD

    Person Least Likely to Get Laid

    Ice 7 votes. [17.95%] Chris 9 votes. [23.08%] Damnit. Damn you Chris!
  21. NSanityHD

    Vigilante Justice Mod

    Not yet... I hope to add some more to the script once the missions are done. Also, his name is Officer Ronson ... He's pretty baddass tho, did you read the big quoted text above yet? Errm...no? *runs and hides somewhere*
  22. NSanityHD

    Vigilante Justice Mod

    Can I just erm 'LOL' at your screenshots a minute Deji. Very neat and cool mod here. Say if your chasing baddies will other Police join the persuite or will they just drive past you?
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    Wow, how very odd. How did they get your email anyway?
  24. NSanityHD

    Number of Windows' Viruses Skyrockets

    Rofl. That's awesome. Better install an A-V . I think I might actually install AVG Internet Security. See how that goes. --> Tut tut tut. Don't look here... <-- Please don't look there.