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Status Updates posted by NSanityHD

  1. Social life here sucks....I miss my mates in Cambridge -.-

  2. special status for Howie Ortiz-Sherwood to spam on...charlottes gunna go mad...

  3. UGH! still feel rather unwell! :(

  4. watching Russell Howards good news! :)

  5. Nice to know my news feed is casually being spammed by shared ask.fm links. LOL

  6. I don’t regret my past. I just regret the time I have wasted with the wrong people... :L

  7. "That which is eternal cannot die."

  8. "Doin' time..usin up my tears at night,abusive life..I slowly start to lose my mind,I'm doin' time..livin life,I wake and cry I wonder why..I had to live to have to dieI'm doin' time...."

  9. oh wow...didnt even notice I had £70 in my second PayPal account... o.O

  10. Every time I trust somebody, they show me reason why I shouldnt!... -.-

  11. Just finished watching "Now You See Me". Great film. Loved it! :)

  12. Missing someone and not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.

  13. think am gunna watch a film, then off to bed. bored and sick of playing GTA IV on xbox with people modding their consoles to cheat...fucking twats can't play a simple game without cheating!

  14. Ugh...SD card on my phone is fucked...and I don't feel well... -.-

  15. ATTENTION!: To those who have my number, please do not try to call or txt me. Unfortunately my S4 is encountering some issues because of my SD card...it keeps unmounting itself and rebooting my phone. :L

  16. Nevermind. I fixed my MSN problem. Or it fixed it'sself. Maybe an ISP problem or something, I don't know. :P

  17. Hello the guy who owns TGTAP server with all of TGTAPs files and shit on. :D

  18. Why you ran off from us? Your a Moderator goddamnit, do yo job and come back! :(

  19. Hello Chris dude. :]

  20. Hey guys, just to let you all know before you start asking me to come on MSN...

    I have a big problem with signing in, I cannot download WLM, so I try using Windows Messenger 5.1 but it wont sign me in. I may be offline for a few months not sure when I can be arsed to fix it. :P

  21. Damnit dude! Why!? =(

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