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Status Updates posted by NSanityHD

  1. Hello almighty Chris. =P

  2. We still need to watch out for Sky, and Righty. :o

    The Moderators will join in, in our party, won't they? besides, if they don't...they get no beer. :D

    TM, and Llama can have some beer though. =)

  3. He probably can't even have a better signature then them images.. <_<

  4. Chris, do you live in TGTAP's server? :o

  5. Lol. You can't live in TGTAP's server.

    Well, Chris can. he has the account details. :P

    He lives in a special room in the server xD

  6. Thomas, he opens it on September.

    Finally, can't wait to sign up!! :D

  7. I'm Italian.


  8. You wish Rem, and Chris. :P

  9. Bah.

    I cba to change it. :)

  10. Unfortunately, Chris doesn't have access to my FTP accounts etc, I'd ask him to change my password if he did.

    So we've put it offline fornow.

  11. It was getting hacked by Rick.

    He hacked the FTP server files...

  12. Wouldn't it be easier to PM me...? Not comment me?

  13. Hey Urban, how are you m8?

  14. Hey Chris m8! :)

  15. Don get on MSN

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