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  1. Precisely what Chris said. :)


    Because I read an article which I posted a topic about here I'm no longer convinced that I'll get the game on release day and that it may arrive 2 days later. Plus my brother-in-law and my mate are already going to the GAME midnight release anyway, and I'll be in their area on the 16th so I may as well go with them and get it.

  2. Well, the UK is, geographically speaking, a fairly small country. Shipping with first class postage as GAME said they would should mean the vast majority of customers will receive the game on release day. Other retailers such as Amazon offered pre-orders with release day delivery guarantee. So I imagine they may even ignore that request from R* in order to have greater chance of meeting that guarantee they offered.


    Rockstar's own Warehouse also guarantees release day delivery on pre-orders.


    I hope so.

    If I can wait 12 days without my brain melting, I can wait another 12 hours or so. Look at it as a reward for a Tuesday's hard day of work, school, or whatever your daily responsibilities are. :)


    I suppose. Except I probably won't be in for the parcel when it arrives lol

  3. Every gamer with a pulse is anticipating the GTA V  release date in 12 days. The GTA V  release date of Sept. 17 has been known for a while now, but todays GTA V  release date news doesn't have anything to do with when the game is supposed to be released, it has to do with whether or not the game will be at your local retailer at all. According to a report from Videogamer, Rockstar has apparently set a shipping restriction on the game so that units don't ship until Sept. 16, the day before the GTA V  release date.


    UK retailer GAME sent an email to customers that said that "GTA V  is released on 17th September and Rockstar, who publish it, have worked very hard to make it the biggest gaming launch ever. They have requested that no UK retailer despatch GTA V  before the 16th September and GAME, along with all reputable retailers, will respect this request."


    That's right. Your precious GTA V  disc won't be en route to your local retailer until the GTA V  release date itself. Yeah, I know it technically comes out on the 17th but I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of fans who are going to be lining up on Monday to get a good spot in the midnight release line. And the GTA V  release date midnight festivities are now in jeopardy.


    Granted, this is a UK-based policy so it's possible that American retailers are under no such restriction, but that's unlikely. The goal of the GTA V release date shipping restrictions is to prevent copies of the game leaking early. And, if you've been following GTA V  news recently, you know that leaks have been a problem after the PlayStation Network got hacked and some user managed to extract game files including the complete soundtrack.

    Here's the nightmare scenario I envision on the GTA V  release date. I'm waiting in a long line at my local GameStop (which has had trouble managing smaller midnight releases in the past) and, at around 11:30, some poor, greasy-haired mope has to shuffle outside and tell a large crowd of antsy gamers who have been fantasizing about an evening of bloodletting and chaos that GTA V  isn't coming tonight because of a screw-up with a Fed Ex truck. Cut to the next day when the mainstream media (which is undoubtedly waiting for the first troubled teen to act out in an atypical way so they can denounce the game) start airing reports of "riots" at retailers where the shipment didn't arrive. Broken windows, kids in hoodies, you get the picture.


    I know these will likely be isolated incidents, but the GTA V  release date is going to be a MAJOR media event because it will likely be one of the best-selling games of all time. It will certainly put up Call of Duty style numbers, and those are annualized releases. We're talking about the most well-known franchise in the gaming world; a lightning rod for controversy from every uncool sector of society, a game that has been in round-the-clock development from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry since before Obama was President. It will be of unprecedented scope, size and scale and is likely to be counted among the pinnacle IPs for the current generation and fondly remembered as one of the greatest games of all-time.


    Hope your Fed-Ex guy doesn't get lost.

    IDigitalTimes.com Source


    Huge frickin' SIGH! <_<

  4. I wonder how vehicle damage graphics/collisions will look in GTAV compared to GTA IV... :o This is one of the many things I can't wait to see. It was my understanding that R* was originally going to make the "next GTA" (this one) more like San Andreas as far as the graphics as well, but it looks like they have turned it around to make it a little more of a realistic feeling. :D


    winning a car means paying all the taxes and stuff, nothing is free

    Except it is in pretty much every other country in the world. I was shocked when I found out Americans have to pay taxes on winnings made in contests and such, not only that but even if you win a lottery you still have to pay HUGE taxes on it, huge like almost 50%. In the UK and I believe most other countries, the prize they state is the prize you win, it's not tax-deductible, you get 100% of it.


    Of course with a road going car there ARE some necessary taxes which will differ by country, but they are simply running costs and you'd be paying them regardless of how you obtained the car, unless you stole it.


    Sick car. But would you really keep it? I would drive it for the first couple weeks a lot, show it off, etc. Maybe its just me, but I would rather have 180K, than an expensive car. Seems like that would solve a lot of our problems. Not to mention having to worry of it getting stolen or damanged.

    Yeah I'm worried about the fate of that car, I can just see the headlines now. Of course GTA will "ironically" get blamed for teaching people to steal cars (because it's as simple as pushing a button on your controller in real life???) and so it is fitting that a car from GTA would be stolen. That said, it is a fucking awesome prize and whoever wins it is damn lucky, just hope they live in a safe area otherwise they might be kinda fucked.


    I'd also be tempted to sell I think since like you said it could solve a lot of problems, especially if you or your family isn't so well off, plus the running costs of that thing will be sky high. Would be sad to do it though, it's such a unique car, I'd wanna keep it forever really, might even be scared to go out for drives in it, not wanting to damage or even scratch it. 


    I'd have to agree. Having such a unique vehicle and driving it around with some drivers around would be highly risky, and I'd definitely be scared of doing any form of damage or scratch to such car.

  6. Am I supposed to laugh at this? Honestly, the only urge I'm getting is to push the OP in front of a speeding bus on the highway.

    So abusive. Should call the RSPC-fucking-A. :o (just kidding)

    Sherman, so pro sarcasm. :ph34r:

  7. Well I never... and I mean that quite literally, at least I hope you know what PACman is and have experience playing a standup coin op at the arcade, early 1980s! The reality is you should be closer to 20 then 10 if you're playing GTA and able to handle any and all adult themes and handle your role responsibly. I'm all for being a gamer who's taking a stance for playing Mature titles in a Mature fashion, let's say

    Of course I remember pacman and the standup coin ops in arcades. :P What I'm saying though is, Even 18, 19 and 20+ remember what Pokemon is, and many of them I wouldn't be so surprised still watch it. Personally, I don't watch it, haven't watched it since back in the day and like 8 years ago.

  8. That's not Mike it's MICHAEL. Anywho, anyone who knows what a Pokeman is, you're too young to play GTA, no ifs, ands, or buts!


    Thems the facts

    I disagree. Many people may actually remember back in those days what Pokemon is/was. Doesn't necessarily mean they are too young to play GTA, though if they are under 18 then obviously they are too young to be playing such games.

  9. Call me weird, but I am really stoked that trains are back. I am glad to see they are much longer than in SA, and I hope you can operate them again (hopefully with a better camera view). To me, there was nothing quite like slamming into a car full speed with the brown streak.

    I agree. A huge "car pileup" on the tracks and making a head-on collision was quite fun. I hope to see this in GTAV. :)
  10. Well you know I am :P

    PHP, and a little bit of Python (Django) for web stuff.

    Objective C for iOS apps.

    Also know some basic Java for Android apps, enough to make my cheats apps at least.

    Dom also does web stuff, just PHP I think.

    Was researching today and I actually am planning to learn similar languages. Python for starters and Java later, then C++ and C (Is this the same as Objective C? I dunno..) I'm getting pretty interested, though. Do you have any books or online resources that you'd recommend?

    C++ isn't the same as Objective C. Objective C is more "powerful" than C++ even though it's older, and has a strict superset of C/C++.
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