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  1. Your such a bitch. :lol:

    You're such a bitch :)

    :o Your so evil. :P


    Well, good luck with your Cops gang, you know that when the gang wars are up we will fight like we did yesterday on MTA, cool sensation n' shit. But just a question, why don't you want to be corrected? People are just helping you to improve in these forums (Like actually Gerard did to me, and it... actually worked?)

    Called jokes and sarcasm. ;)

    ^^ Leave the poor man alone.

    ^ WE KNOW that Gerard helped you improve.

    That's all.

    And GL with your gang/

    Thanks dude.

  2. The only problem I've been able to figure out with the changes you made were several spelling mistakes or typos. One I could easily pick out is "dangerious" and "wothless". As the guys at the FFM know, I'm like a "teacher" (in accordance to Scott) when it comes to English orthography, grammar and spelling. :P

    Oh my fucking god Thomas...I hate corrections with my spelling.. <_<

    Your such a bitch. :lol:

    Spelling mistakes corrected.

  3. Ice, I got some images of the time we were at the police station and outside of San Fierro Police Dep. Do you want those pictures copyrighted like you said before? If so, I can hopefully get it all done by the end of tomorrow.

    Yes please TM, thanks.

  4. Also, make it look like a real police force. Make new members start from the bottom and make their way up with no exceptions. This will allow people to prove themselves. Like Alvasi/Easy joined the FFM with some small time crook position, now he's up at the top as the consigliere. Same with Mpilk who is the Crime Boss. Also the same as me (Those who knew, I was the lowest position in April 2008, now I'm the right hand man). Anyway, enough of the examples...

    How about you put pictures of the weapons you use, the actual weapons in GTA:SA. What skin would you want premade for the gang? A skin of a British P.O.? I won't make it but I can help you get it. Ofcourse the skin would have to be installed by everyone to see it.

    You should also make a list of prefered undercover unit cars so that it gives some people who want to join the chance to see what you recommend they use for undercover jobs, if you know what I mean.

    Yes. I see. :) I'll get doing that aswell.

    <Added to the To-Do-List>

    I would like to join... is that okay?

    Sure. Just apply once the positions are up. ;)

    EDIT: Positions are up, first post has been edited.

  5. And what exactly does a SWAT team do? Riots, violence, hostages, & raids, correct? Just add something like that to the SWAT part of the thread. :)

    THe S.W.A.T Team also come out when a big chase is at foot. Officers require the SWAT Team to help stop the vehicles if they are dangeriously carrying weapons with them, no doubt on the SA they will be doing. (All the time.). :P

    I'll try get it done tonight, as I said on Xfire I am a way behind schedule because of parents issues. (Mostly mother.)

  6. Excellent. I will look at the system now and see what to add into this. I'd also like a 2nd in command (2nd Don). (If that's not a problem. :)) I also will try and get some pictures and some Police interior cars. That'd look better in a nice banner/picture.

    The next thing would be to get some more positions in witch is pending and is in my to-do-list. We next could get some screens of Police uniforms and place them on here, so team officers can pick their uniform to use on MTA (If they want). The next will be the vehicles. :D We can pick our Police force vehicles. Then the next step after the others is to get some images of some Police Force weapons. So it could be like this:

    The Force Vehicles

    • Enforcer
    • FBI Rancher
    • HPV1000
    • LS Police Cruiser
    • SF Police Cruiser
    • LV Police Cruiser
    • FBI Truck
    • Preditor (Police Boat)
    • S.W.A.T
    • Police Maverick

    Undercover units are also included and can be used. You can use any car you wish to be undercover.

    Our Weapons:

    • Pistol
    • Nightstick
    • Shotgun
    • MP5
    • Tec 9
    • Micro-MP5
    • M4
    • AK-47
    • Tear Gas
    • Camera
    • Sniper Rifle

    Our Uniforms:

    Well, any of the Police uniforms can be used apart from the Police Stripper. :P

    More updates on this later.


  7. This registration shit sounds like a good idea. I'll look into it. I'm sorry for all the trouble guys, and Kel, it's not like admins can be on 24/7. Report them to me in a PM.

    Dom, I'll have a look around to see if theres an addon for the server in witch allows admins to ban via server and reports them automatically to a .php page for the site. Or I could just host the file, although it'd probably need a database.

  8. Wow, this is fucking wow...I just been on the server and witnessed a hacker on there. Me and a few other players got killed by him with a rocket launcher. I got killed with a fucking minigun... Then he starts flying in the air and starts firing fucking rockets..then he kills me again with a minigun, but IN THE AIR!!! :o WTF, no admins on..?


    And one with him on the ground. (he flown down)


    He was flying up from the ground after I destroyed his vehicle because he was speeding lol. I was in a my Police Cruiser, I sore him speeding down the bridge from SF up to LV (near boat school) and took his car out. He was near enough still in it when it exploded, and he never fucking died. WTF..

  9. How about you get some more background to your gang in the recruitment topic. It may help convince some members to join but the gang scene is seemingly dead again.

    A background story similar to a holiday advertisement. Like "Come to our luxury spas" can be "Join us in our unique headquarters in Los Santos and be part of the great team that the SAPD are today". Something like that, it just seems to suit this kind of gang.

    Thanks Thomas. I will do that soon. :)

  10. Welcome to the "The Cops" Chat Topic!

    Our Story
    Pfft, I don't know where to start actually...

    It all started when the cities of San Andreas have been corrupt by wothless Junkies, Drug Dealers, Gangsters, and general things. Any crime being commited then away we go. Although before we are responding to the crime we always go patrolling driving around..makeing sure things are safe and that sort of thing.

    Anyone offending us, the law, or other citizens on the streets of our cities we will be after you.

    Well, this is my second gang on TheGTAPlace, although I am hoping this one is going to be better then my last one. So, this gang is called "The Cops". What we do is in our Story. We patrol the TGTAP server cities (All over San Andreas) so I hope to get this gang official and have our own Private forum to use! ^_^

    If I need things, or if I am missing something in any of these Gang topics (Recruitment or this one) then please feel free to tell me, give me idea's/suggestion upon what I should add and/or remove. :)

    Start Discussing! :)


  11. Welcome to the "The Cops" Recruitment Thread!

    PLEASE NOTE: This Gang is based in TGTAP server. My gang is not included in any other SAMP/MTA server. For the details of TGTAP server see THIS TOPIC.

    The Cops Background Story
    It all started when the cities of San Andreas have been corrupt by worthless Junkies, Drug Dealers, Gangsters, and general things. Any crime being commited then away we go. Although before we are responding to the crime we always go patrolling driving around..makeing sure things are safe and that sort of thing. We are always accepting new officers in our force. As we are growing in the cities of San Andreas, we need to get more forces, more officers to inspect crimes comitted in our cities. We are the law. We are responsible for crimes that are forgotten about and they escape...well we won't be doing our jobs. Our job is to protect our cities from crime. We are the CRIME STOPPERS!

    We are trying to "enspire" for members to our force and create a massive Police Force. A force that is willing to help our cities to be crime free. When ever a crime is at foot...our sirens are wailing through the roads of our cities to stop the criminals and get them behind bars! But remember: Criminals will not take a "No" for an answer. They will do anything to get away from us, this means they will put our cities citizens at risk and themselves. The dangers lerking in the desert of San Andreas is terrible. We must forfil our purposes of being the San Andreas Police Force! Our duties to clean our cities from drugs/drug dealers/Gangsters.. it may not be an easy job but hell, we will stop them!

    Positions & Requirements
    You must meet these requirements to be able to be accepted into our Force. All of the lowest/new force comers will need to apply for the positions below the high ones. You then can work your way up to the top if your a GOOD officer.

    1. You must be a good driver, you must be able to HANDLE your Police Cruiser. (Means no crashing into the other officers.)

    2. You must not harm other officers by shooting them/running over them, destroying their cruisers.

    3. If an officer near you is chasing a criminal, you must join in (as backup) to help them.

    4. Do not randomly shoot/attack/harm civillians.

    5. Either when ON or OFF duty do not drive irratically in the cities of San Andreas. You are responsible for the damage you may cause if because of your insane driving.

    6. When chasing in or a persuite or a hostage situation, always negociate with criminals. Do not attempt to go straight into the scene.

    REMEMBER: Criminals are more dangerous then you think you are to them! Proceed to them with extreme CAUTION.

    Chief Superintendent
    Chief Inspector
    Police Constable

    County Police Force Positions
    Assistant Chief Constable
    Deputy Chief Constable
    Chief Constable
    S.W.A.T Team
    S.W.A.T Officer #1
    S.W.A.T Officer #2
    S.W.A.T Officer #3
    S.W.A.T Officer #4
    S.W.A.T Officer #5
    S.W.A.T Officer #6
    S.W.A.T Officer #7

    -[uPDATED on 24/2/2009 - 4:46 PM]-

  12. OK, Ok..calm down..OK I am calm... :o

    I was just on the server and these guys where spawn a shitload of stuff, some strange ass white light or how should we say a "BEAM" was in two places at the Verdant Meadow Aircraft graveyard. One one the runway and the other was in the Rustlers hanger. This player somehow spawned in my barracks when I was an Army Soldier..he kept spawning shit, Rhino's Ambulances etc etc. Then I sore some players firing more then 5-6 Tank Connons all at the same time and the game was just like San Andreas was blowing up! I thought WTF is going on here!!?

    Screenshots below:





    What is this?

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