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  1. Hi. What am I suppose to do on this mission? The man came to me by Helicopter to Washington beach, and told me to goto a boat, so I went to the boat and got in I went to where ever in the sea and there was a few Mafia people dead in the water. The man said I had to kill them, but they was already dead. I do not know witch way to go to the island. What do I have to do???


  2. Note that some NoCD cracks and similar stuff contain malicious payloads such as spyware, dialers or viruses, so this might explain the BSOD. Get rid of the cracking stuff, scan your PC for crap, and then try again.

    The best solution is to avoid warez, no matter how convincing are they...

    Huckleberry Pie, "dialers" are viruses. They are Trojans. Be careful not to get Trojan Horses, as these are not very nice for your computer.

  3. Updated on my Crisis...

    I went out and returned my copy and got a new one :lolbounce: I installed the game and started to play it and it crashed again only this time I got to read what it said.

    It was talking about my drivers and that was causing the crash so I'm going to back up all the shit on my computer and reboot it I think this will fix the driver problem if not I'll just return the game and get it on the PS2. And call it even.

    I'll let you guys know how it turn out. I'll reply later on tonight it will take a while to back up my system.


    Please insert a screen-shot of the blue screen problem. Press "PrtScrSysRq" in the middle of "Scroll Lock" and "F12" then press Ctrl + V to past into Paint, then upload the screenshot in an attachment, do this by clicking Manage Attachments when applying to a topic. Your only way now is to scan your entire computer for viruses and other unwanted software. I suggest downloading

    Spyware Doctor (link, PC Tools) - Scan your computer for Spyware. You can search for Adware programs on Google or Download.com, scan your computer for Spyware, Adware, Trojans and Malware - Malicious viruses.

    I recommand downloading Windows Defender from Microsoft. (Note - Windows Defender is only for Genuine Microsoft Windows!) If you have a legal copy of windows, installing Windows Defender should be easy. If you have an illegal copy of windows then you cannot get any programs used for Genuine.

    Make sure you have allowed the file to be added to your registry. To see if you have the Vice City file in your registry go to Start > Run type "regedit.exe or just regedit". Then search the folders. These problems are mostly because of Trojans and Malware removing your system files. It is recommanded that you remove all of the viruses from your computer, failing to do so will leave your computer in danger! If you have noticed alot of files missing and getting an unknown error with "This file might be corupted or may have a virus" then scan your computer strate away! AVG Anti-Virus is good for detecting viruses. They will notify you if you have a "Trojan.backdoor" < they are very harmful to your computer, and can do more danage then other viruses. Like Worms etc.

  4. Well, if you want to make money, killing 'men' isn't your only option... (You can lose lots of ammo, therefore losing money)

    Taxi missions... No way to lose money(Besides Wasted Or Busted)

    No way to lose money

    Did you try killing in different areas?

    Be more specfic...

    Any mods?

    PC or PS2?

    NotYouHaha, There is another way of killing with out losing your ammo. Use your Fist and beat the hell out of people. :unsure:

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