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  1. Was any of the admins online?(even if not,they have secret code names)

    Someone must have activated Super/Random/Ransom Weapons something like that script.

    But when I first tried and played on the TGTAP server, some "bitch" was firing alot of fucking rockets and nukes at where I was standing......Rem... <_<

    No, Rem was doing it. The bastard. :ph34r:

  2. excuse my language but im being serious

    the reason i dont visit the homepage is because its FUCKING boring im not being a jerk just a person not afraid to tell you whats wrong, try embedding a flash game near the bottom of the page, you can find a few embeddable games at www.freeonlinegames.com also make links bigger brighter and stand out more, like neon green or orange, also try to make exciting headlines for the news, hell let me take a crack at pitching you a few lines if you want me to.....

    "They see me trollin'......"

    Either that or you're ridiculously stupid. Any website that needs to entice you with a flash game in order to get you to visit is a shitty website. And FUCK, bright neon colors? What are you, 5? You need bright colors to grab your attention?

    And LOL at the way you speak to Chris as if he's a 12 year old who's never made a website before. Dude, I assure you, if he wanted to embed a game on the site, he could do it without ever visiting another website.

    I have to agree with Spaz on that one. Why would the website of TGTAP need "neon" sort of fonts to make the text stand out more? That'd be a little stupid, now wouldn't it? And flash games? Wtf. This is a GTA, yes....a GTA (Grand Theft Auto) fan site. Why would a GTA fan site want stupid flash games on it from stupid sites? As Spaz said, if Chris wanted some flash games on his site I pretty much think he'd make his own. He's not stupid you know. ;)

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