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  1. Dear community, CurveRadio, a new internet radio station has opened a teamspeak server. Because we don't have a large audience yet this leads to the fact there is still some space left on our teamspeak server. We know how important communication is between all kind of situations and we were thinking about gamers and we're willing to support them! The game GTAV is a good example of this. If you have a crew/clan or a group of friends that you play with ingame you got the requirements to join this project. You will need atleast 5 persons in your group and have a good attitude etc. What does 'CurveRadio want in return?' Nothing! We do this as a support to you guys! Requirements of my group? Atleast 5 persons and regular activity, good behavoir. What will we get? You will get a channel on our teamspeak, protected by a password. Interested? Mail us at support(at)curveradio.com Best regards, A