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  1. SCHOOLS FINALLY OVER. owait its been over for 2.5years XD

  2. Nah I'll explain my name


    Basically, 22B was a special version of WRX made in 1998 and ummm yeah thats pretty much it. Was my favourite car at the time when I made this account (and other emails etc) and from then I just used that as a online ID for most stuff.


  3. you gotta use img tool, open up the gta3.img which is inside the models folder in the GTA San Andreas folder. rename the old txd and dff (eg at400, make it at400x) and add in the new one.

  4. yeah i reckon thres multiple stigs as well, its bs that they said it was him .. hmm. have you watched the second ep yet? i was gonna download it but im capped til wednesday :(

  5. make a mt3dx card!

  6. What do you think about the whole Michael Schumacher / Stig thing ? Heaps of people I know reckon its BS that he is.

  7. yep. well sorta. cos its killing everyone, i think its actually from a movie scene. roflcopter is just a internet thing, like lolcats etc... just look it up in wikipedia for more info.

  8. err i dont have one. dont have a ps3 or 360 yet. i has wii though :P

  9. errr lol what brought that on :P

    as soon as you mentioned it, and then i said brb, i reinstalled MTA with my unmodded SA... you win longest comment award

  10. lol fail :P

    ah not much tbh hanging around at home, playing new cod online (on wii). booked in a microsoft exam for next monday...you ?

  11. hey i think i just figured out your name lol...earthbound has something to do with ness? SSBB teaches stuff! lol.

  12. hahah of course :) iw will pwn you :P i might be getting ps3 soon

  13. ahah yep gotta love the roflcopter. i added u btw

  14. ah not a lot :P

    played 2 games of baseball today, the first game won 20something to 7, second game was something around taht too lol. the first game the pitchers sucked balls lol, 3/4 balls bounced before the plate or were wild. XD long comment

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